Question: In Act II, Mercutio and the Nurse play important roles

34. Compare Romeo's love for Rosaline with his love for Juliet. You could also compare the Montagues' love for Romeo with the Capulets' love for Juliet. Contrast Romeo and Juliet's Views of Life and Love with the Nurse's and Mercutio's Views. Which is more truthful-the lovers' idealistic view of the world, or Mercutio and the Nurse's earthy view?

Mercutio and the nurse both serve the function of adding comic relief

How are Mercutio and the Nurse dramatic foils? Thanks for anyone who answers!!

Mercutio and the nurse role in act 2

Breakdown: Much Ado About Nothing – All roles available except Beatrice and Benedict. Romeo and Juliet – All roles available except Romeo, Juliet, Mercutio and the Nurse

Mercutio and the Nurse: Romeo and Juliet

In fact, Morrison uncovered 20 minutes of previously unheard music, six new dances – including an exotic group number, a playful pantomime involving Mercutio and the Nurse and, most importantly, the two elaborate concluding pas de deux in which Romeo and Juliet celebrate their blissful love. This ending begins conventionally enough with a sombre funeral theme as Romeo arrives at the tomb, believing Juliet to be dead. He is then, crucially, intercepted by Friar Lawrence who explains the effects of the sleeping potion. At this, the magical, Rimsky-Korsakov-style tinkling of a glockenspiel heralds the breaking of the spell while Juliet's breathing is played out by slowly pulsing harp and strings. Her awakening is followed by a joyful passage in which the various characters reconcile and give praise for a tragedy averted. Finally, the two lovers reappear to dance their duet which climaxes with a ringing succession of positive C Major chords.

What is similar or different about Mercutio and the Nurse's attitudes ..
Mercutio and the nurse are the most fully and distinctively characterized people in the play

In what ways are Mercutio and the Nurse alike

Mercutio and the Nurse are Shakespeare's creations in this play. For the character of the former he had but a slight hint in the poem of Arthur Brooke. There we read of Mercutio as a courtier who was bold among the bashful maidens as a lion among lambs, and we are told that he had an 'ice-cold hand.' Putting together these two suggestions, discovering a significance in them, and animating them with the breath of his own life, Shakespeare created the brilliant figure which lights up the first half of , and disappears when the colours become all too grave and sombre.

A number of characters, especially Mercutio and the Nurse, make repeated references to sex

Mercutio and the Nurse are Shakespeare's creations in this play

Romeo and Juliet constantly play with language. They pun, rhyme, and speak in double entendres. All these word games may seem like mere fun, and they are fun. The characters that pun and play with language have fun doing it. But word play in Romeo and Juliet has a deeper purpose: rebellion. Romeo and Juliet play with language to escape the world. They claim they are not a Montague and a Capulet; they use words to try to transform day, for a moment, into night; they hide their love even while secretly admitting it. Other characters play with language too. In particular, Mercutio and the Nurse make constant sexual puns implying that while everyone is running around talking about high ideals like honor and love, sex and other base desires are at the root of human existence.

So language in Romeo and Juliet serves two opposing purposes. It allows some characters to escape the world into intense love, while it allows other characters to reveal that the world of love, honor, and high ideals are just masks people use to cover their animal instincts.

Mercutio and the nurse, probably to fit them to the strengths of his own acting troupe, the Lord

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