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The scope of the project was defined to include media activities for which parents and others inparenting roles were specifically designated as a target audience. Projects were not included forwhich the primary audience was children, although it was clearly acknowledged that parents arean important audience for children's media, as monitors and mediators of their children'sexperience, as the ultimate target of much of the advertising and many of the messages inchildren's media, and as the family members most likely to experience and influence any mediaeffects on children's behavior. It was further acknowledged that some children's and familyprograms, such as , offer powerful models for healthy caregivingbehavior, and that parents sometimes report watching them for this very purpose. Finally, it wasacknowledged that the presence of the media profoundly influences family patterns ofinteraction, by virtue of the quantity of their daily consumption by children and parents, aloneand together, and by their presence as "background noise" in family life.

Screen Time: Media Effects on Children’s Health

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Media Effect on Children's Health

Meanwhile, the debate over media effect on children is ongoing and, while a direct cause and effect link is difficult to establish, there is a growing consensus that children are negatively impacted by media violence -- although author Jonathan Freedman would disagree.

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Thus far, this symposium on "The Media and Parenthood" has considered a number of verycompelling aspects of this topic: What impact do media have on family life and familyinteractions? What impact do media have on children? And how can parents and othersinfluence these media effects on children?

Media Effects on Children
Examines research on media effect on children over three epochs: film (1904-1939), radio (1930-1944), and television (1949 through the 1960s)

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The influence of the media on the psychosocial development of children is profound

The Effects of Social Media on Children

The effects of today's media on young children and what you can do to help guide them.

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