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I suggested the title for this slide presentation The Photo Album of Malaysia Traditional Costume.

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Clothing in Malaysia has been influenced by multiple factors in addition to religion and climatic conditions which are some of the basic progenitors of traditional dresses. The beginning of international trade across China and the opening of the Silk Route led to the movement of traders across the Malay Archipelago from the Arabian Archipelago and from India towards China. This brought not just trade but new people, their fashion, lifestyle and customs to all the areas that the trade routes touched. This period in history has its bearing on Malaysia as well and the foreign traders influenced the Malaysian traditional costumes to a significant extent.

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Amid the hustle and bustle, a few people clad in Malaysian traditional costumes were giving out red hibiscus clips. I took one of myself and pinned it on my hair.

Malaysian Traditional Costumes
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Visualizing my favorite Vocaloid characters in Malaysian traditional costumes

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Amid the hustle and bustle, a few people clad in Malaysian traditional costumes were giving out red hibiscus clips. I took one of myself and pinned it on my hair.

Malaysian Traditional Costumes

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The richness and diversity of Malaysian traditional costumes can be seen throughout the length and breadth of Peninsular Malaysia. There is great variety of beautiful costumes which differ in style and design from state to state. The birth of Malaysia in 1963 continues to add more of the amazing collection of traditional costumes. Sabah and Sarawak, also rich in tradition and culture from its many ethnic and indigenous people further contributed to the fashion heritage of Malaysia. Today we are most fortunate to witness the rich legacy of traditional costumes of various ethnic groups and communities in Malaysia as our very own cultural identity that we can be proud of. The Malaysian traditional costumes become a kaleidoscope of colors. It is a visual delight to one and all.

Participants showing their skills to draw life figure models dressed up in Malaysian traditional costumes


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