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overall, MsF is competitive. the admission rate for the first cohort is 45/1600, i.e. 2.8%. Most competitive programme after MSc Economics. (Of cos, LSE MSc Economics programme is one of the best in the world. they only take first class honours in Economics, and the programme itself is very hard)

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Applying to: Barcelona GSE MSc Economics, LSE MSc Economics, UIUC MSPE, NYU MA Economics, Tufts MS Economics, USC MA Economics, Duke MA Economics, Michigan MA Applied Economics, BU MA Economics

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Sources: LSE MSc Economics second year students)
Hi all, I was just accepted to the LSE MSc in Economics (1 year) and I'm having trouble making a decision

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How do I get into LSE for MSc economics? How should I prepare for it after doing my graduation from India?

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