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In some instances, a recommender may ask for a draft because they are unfamiliar with writing a letter of recommendation for law school. If that is the case, many college career services can provide guidelines and instructions on how to write law school letters of recommendation, and there are many excellent books available that explain how to write a recommendation for law school.

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A strong lawyer recommendation letter highlights the candidate's honesty and reliability

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I was lucky in that I had some very trustworthy and good people draft my recommendations (one professor and a partner from the law firm that I worked for during the summer of my junior year). However, you might not be completely comfortable submitting the letters of recommendation to law schools without first reading them for yourself. It cannot hurt to ask your recommenders if you could preview the letter, the worst thing they can say is no.

Sample Lawyer Recommendation Letter

An important element of the law school admissions process is securing letters of recommendation. Many schools, such as U.C. Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law view your personal statement and letters of recommendation as a combined 1/3 of your application, equal in value to the critical components of GPA and LSAT. Letters of recommendation provide law schools with a candid assessment of your abilities, and a good letter of recommendation can expand upon or reveal aspects of yourself that may not be otherwise apparent in your application. A strong letter of recommendation can improve your chances of admittance; however, it cannot make up for any serious weaknesses in your record.

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Attorney Recommendation Letter | Letter Samples | LiveCareer

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An attorney recommendation letter should be extremely formal and informative

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The following is an example of a reference letter written for student who is apply to law school

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