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Some of you may remember me from from the in . For better or worse – or perhaps just because of a severe lack of good judgement – Nick has asked me to keep you updated again on , held in our fave writer’s hometown of Normal, Illinois.

not the sign of a lack of good judgement

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lack of good judgement on the surface, I suppose

@CMO Beaver - did you happen to notice that most of the states on this list areRepublican "self responsibility" states? I don't say that to beuber partisan - but since you decided to inject liberalism into this discussion- the vast majority of these states reported here are very conservative.

The fact is regardless of being liberal or conservative, peopledon't always use good judgement. When it comes to whether you default onyour home loan because you are lazy.... I am fine with that. But when you lackof good judgement can cost others their lives - that is the rightful and justplace for government to play. Your freedom doesn't come at the expense ofthe safety of others.

Insisting on gun locks is not a nanny stateissue. It is a keeping kids from finding guns and killing someone accidentallyissue. Securing your guns from unintended use is not a liberal issue. And itdoesn't infringe on your rights. It just requires you to be responsible.

me sad that the Angels will suffer from his lack of good judgement

Not educating himself on such a vital topic, before going on a nationally syndicated program, then following up with such a weak-ass excuse, shows a fundamental lack of good judgement in Ben Carson.

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We are justifiably appalled at the manner in which the DA handled the issue of one of their councillors who wrote a letter supporting leniency for a drug dealer and known gangster. This action on the part of the councillor displayed a lack of good judgement. He clearly did not take into account the impact of drugs and gangsterism in the community. “I have just received 13 e-mails from this group on the above-referenced topic in which each of you have presented yourselves as Hartford residents, while only 6 are actually residents and taxpayers in the City (please see the list of locations below). Let me begin by saying that this demonstrates a lack of good judgement on the part of those writers who misrepresented themselves.
for many years, and was surprised by his lack of good judgement

of a momentary lack of good judgement

While recent history has shown that the intelligence of the American people is unquestionably something not to be counted on, acting with an appalling lack of good judgement,common sense akin to being ethereal including having shown an overwhelming inability at self-preservation, there are some things they're far too keen to fall for.

Harris failed these children and, at the very least, has shown a lack of good judgement

Probably more of a lack of good judgement than a racial thing.

Foraging rule number one: Don’t eat anything unless you are certain it’s safe! Here, Megan demonstrates how hunger can cause a lack of good judgement. While not fatal, blackberry leaves won’t do your stomach any good.

This action on the part of the councillor displayed a lack of good judgement

indiscreetness, injudiciousness - lacking good judgment.

She assaulted another person. Lack of good judgement is putting it lightly. Releasing her to her mother is a joke. Doubtful her mother that created someone that would maliciously attack an innocent person is going to do much. There were 3 girls with this one POS yet they've only "caught" her. She knows the other 3. All 4 should be in jail by now.