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"The entire programme about national minorities and human rights organised by Amnesty International has been very informative and has been a very welcomed form of making lessons more varied. We are happy that the school offered us this opportunity and that they gave us the possibility to meet a lot of interesting people. Each of them was completely different and interesting in his or her own way. Thanks to the project we understood that we shouldn't judge people by appearance, race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation, because we are all people and we are all equal.

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That's a relief - and again we see that you should never judge people by appearance.

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You are what you wear, as they say. No matter how much we are taught not to judge people by appearance alone, it's an innate personality feature in humans to form an impression based on what others are wearing. That is why when you want to make a good impression, it is important to learn how to dress appropriately...

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Judging people is very easy and being negative is also very easy..But finding good things in people is not that easy..and its definitely not easy if we judge people by appearance...

I see what do is about olore ( queen), I don't judge people by appearance. I judge base on their heart.
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Beliefs are formed in the as a result of repetition. If you were told each day that you should not judge a book by its cover then you will grow up as an adult who never judges people by appearance.

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They were so inspiring, and heart-wrenching, and they made me really think about how I may be judging people no matter how open-minded I like to think I am. In talking about the session later with another attendee, I said that it's so hard to overcome these urges to instantly judge people by appearance since we still have those animal vestiges that make us want to quickly assess whether or not someone is a threat to us, and "other" always feels threatening. We may not be able to stop those initial thoughts, but we do have a duty as human beings to be aware of them when they come up, and stop ourselves from acting on them.

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