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The real question is: is Hamlet crazy or is he just acting? In my opinion there are many things throughout the play that make me tend to believe that he is crazy. When Hamlet enters Opheliu's room and she has the question if he is truly mad or if he is just acting. Hamlet is proven to be crazy in this play and statements and actions he days and does are the thing that prove this.

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At that point, the Ghost comes back and reassures Hamlet to keep on his course. Gertrude doesn't see the ghost, and that raises the question: is Hamlet crazy, is he just pretending to be crazy, is the ghost really only appearing to him? Lots of questions, and we don't totally know what's going on.

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When it comes to the question of Hamlet’s lunacy one usually asks if it is one or the other. Is Hamlet crazy or is it an antic disposition? In truth, I think it is both. One of the most powerful game changers in the human condition is loss. We all grieve in different ways and for some it takes more of a toll than others. People have cracked completely under the pain of loss. Less than 15 minutes into the story we learn there is enough family drama to fill an Arthur Miller play. One thinks that it could be a play all on its own. Before Hamlet can truly deal with the loss of his father and his mother turning to the arms of his uncle, he is given the worst news imaginable: his uncle is the murderer. Murder would be harsh enough to deal with, let alone the killing coming at the hands of someone he is meant to love. The truth makes Claudius’ speech to Hamlet about now looking at him like a father and how he is heir to the throne, calling Hamlet his son all the more disgusting to the prince. All of these images and doubts are running around in Hamlet’s head and drive him to extremes. One could argue that he snaps, but I think what’s closer to the truth is that he is pushed into an unimaginable corner and his mind reacts. He is placed in a position where he must contemplate murder for murder. He must consider where the line lies that says taking a life is okay. Hamlet is often called a procrastinator. Happily, I don’t know many people who have had to weigh the same options that Hamlet does and have never had to do the same. I would imagine that for whatever the reason, killing someone takes a certain amount of time to become comfortable with. At least it would be that way for me and I feel the same for Hamlet. Agreeing to do it and actually doing the act is very different. Going into the production I was glad to hear the Director agreed with the choice that although Hamlet does question his cowardice, it is not without reason that he delays. It is a human life and it is his soul that may pay the price.

Crazy Hamlet Shakespeare The real question is Hamlet crazy or is he just acting it
The usual tiresome questions dominate discussion: Is Hamlet crazy or just pretending

Is Hamlet crazy, or his he merely playing

Is Hamlet crazy or not? I'm still wondering about this. I can never figure this out. Was he just acting crazy or really insane? It is still a burning question for me, and I wonder inside if and when I will ever find this out.

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The usual tiresome questions domi- nate discussion: Is Hamlet crazy or just pretending

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