Introduction to Human Trafficking

Emergency care providers must identify these victims and provide theopportunity for appropriate treatment. This website containsinformation to give practitioners a basic introduction to what humantrafficking is, the clinical presentation of such patients, and theunique treatment needs of this patient population. Click onthe"Educational Tools" tab for helpful instruments in educating providersat your institution. Click on the "In the ED" tab if you suspect youare caring for a trafficked person.

Introduction to human trafficking

Human Trafficking Film Forum: Pre-screening Introduction to Human Trafficking by Sylvia Lee

Introduction to Human Trafficking - FDLE

The first paper by Marina Caparini provides an introduction to human trafficking as a transnational organized crime. She discusses the linkages and differences between trafficking in human beings, smuggling of migrants and forced labour. The connection between traffickers and other organized crimes is highlighted. Caparini concludes by providing an overview of current policy initiatives as well as remaining challenges.

Introduction to Human Trafficking - YouTube

Thank you so much for this introduction to human trafficking for teachers. I am conducting a workshop for educators and youth leaders on how to teach human trafficking and slavery to their students. I am used to addressing primarily college students and adults, so this was a wonderful and concise intro for the junior high/high school age group, who are the ultimate audience.

This is a quick introduction to what human trafficking is.
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Introduction to human trafficking PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Introduction to human trafficking

An introduction to human trafficking for military, civilians, and contractors.

trafficked child’s journey: An introduction to human trafficking