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November is a great month to gather all of your recipes and assess which ones are worthy to present for the holiday season. I love introducing my family and friends to new foods, such as parsnips, sprouted mung beans, and fennel bulbs during this time. Here is a delicious recipe that is a variation on our roasted vegetables from the 7 Center’s Ayurvedic cookbook highlighting two of my favorite vegetables: golden beets and parsnips.

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It has been my experience that people who go through traumatic events can recollect certain aspects of these events, such as the exact moment preceding the trauma or other life altering moments that occur after the event, with clear detail. The day that I met Mrs. Brown was clearly one of those life altering experiences. I was in Lenox Hill's ICU, unable to do much more than breathe, blink, and whisper, when suddenly Mrs. Brown appeared at the side of my bed. She told me about Alan, and explained to me that she was there to help my family and me make sense of our new world. She had learned of my injury from Tom Clare, a complete stranger from my hometown whose brother, Jamie, had suffered a spinal injury. They were a part of ATBF's Outreach Program, and the gratitude I have to them for introducing my family and me to the ATBF goes beyond words.

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Scuba diving is such a wonderful all around sport. Introducing my family to scuba diving is much of my motivation to instruct. When I find something fun, relaxing, and enjoyable I tend to want to bring others on board. Scuba has a macho reputation, but in actuality it is a wonderful family sport….

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