I'm very glad to introduce myself in front of you.

When I was sixteen, Patti Astor and Bill Stelling opened up the Fun Gallery. They made graffiti expensive. Fab 5 Freddy did Andy Warhol soup cans on the trains. He brought it all together on my block. I went across the street and introduced myself. My friends, they were scared, they wouldn’t go. I didn’t give a shit — that’s my block! I grew up there. If it was on another block, I would never in a million years have introduced myself to them. I was just like, Fuck it. Jean-Michel, Keith Haring, those dudes, they were on my block. I was hanging out with rock stars, gods. I was like the little kid in the group. I’m going to fucking Warhol parties, eating seaweed.

It's my pleasure to introduce myself in front of you.

How I introduce myself being a first timer on podium in English.Pls reply soon.

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Get advice and support on how to Introduce myself, and other life goals. For example, "Be fluent in Italian" and "Speak fluent Italian". On average:

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I'm Hung. I'm 25 years old and I'm from Vietnam. I've registered in this forum for nearly 1 month but I don't still introduce about myself. I apologize about this. At present, I've been working at a medium audit firm. My work at this company is very boring and tiring. I'm so busy that I can't find a half of my life. I also hope I will meet a girl that I make friend in this forum.

First of all I thank you, for giving a wonderful opportunity to introducing myself in front of you.
Much of my earlier years were spent as a shy little kid who was afraid to just walk up to people and talk. Now, I speak on stage and introduce myself to new people as a matter of course. A lot of these insights have come from that personal journey.Well... I'll better start introducing myself, as the title says. My name is Diego, I'm 13 years old (about to turn 14, in March), and I am Chilean. I live in Santiago de Chile, and I am right now on holidays. I study at school, and just got promoted to 9th grade (which we call "1ro Medio" here). Lately, I've been interested a lot in music, and I started playing piano one and a half years ago, more or less. I enjoy listening to the Beatles, and classical music as well.Dear Mason,
Im starting highschool soon and am a little shy
but am prepared to make new friends i have read
your tips and have found that they are great way
to introduce myself and find friends.
- anonamousI am composing an email to a work associate who I have never had any dealings with before. I'm struggling to think of a formal yet succinct way of introducing myself.
Firstly thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself.

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I contemplated the idea that I had stood in the background and watched others' conversations many times before. Why hadn’t I reached out my hand and introduced myself? Was it because I thought I was too young to be in the conversation? Or was it because I was trying to be respectful in letting them have their discussion? Whatever the reasoning, I decided that day that I would no longer be overlooked.

First of all thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

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I made an account in June, but have never properly introduced myself. I am a long time CigarFed shopper, and a long time smoker. I currently work as a cigar consultant, after doing Fire & Flood Restoration for approx. 9 years. I switched careers because I love cigars and wanted to be in the industry in some form or fashion. Sorry if it sounds cliché or corny, but it was a dream of mine and I am currently living it. Retail is a hard gig at times, and would love to be a rep at some point. Tho I like the shop I work at, and am very happy.

Cigar Federation has been good to me over the years, and I have been a huge fan. I joined as I wanted in on the fun, and you can expect to see me much more often. I am looking forward to the CH Chat tonight, and will be tuning in w/ a good cigar. CYOP is a great slogan, and Huber a great guy (I have spoken with him a few times, and he has been awesome).

I have 2 step kids and a soon to be wife. I live in a condo just outside of Chicago, and am keeping it smokey, while keeping my humidors & overflow filled...

Thanks for reading!! Much Love FedHeads!!

(BTW, the Viaje FedHead was incredible, much better than the Dojo Nation cigar... sorry Dojo) ;)

First of all I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

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my name is Neo, and as I got your email address from Mr Morpheus without having met you in person before, please allow me to introduce myself first.