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Model use of the Who Am I? handout by filling out each section of the organizer on the overhead. This is a creative way to introduce yourself to the class, while preparing them for the activity. Put students' names on the handouts and place one on each desk. Direct students to find their seat and wait for directions.

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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: introduce yourself to the class

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4. Introduce yourself to the class, and have students introduce themselves to you and to one another in order to begin building a “community of learners”.

Introduce yourself to the class

In the quest Introduce Yourself to the Class, you are asked to do just that, and this is the place to do it. Welcome! Include at least the following information:

Introducing yourself to the class a different way A technique from the 1980's
I think a teacher should know what her/his objectives are for each activity done in class, that is, 'why am I doing this?', 'why am I asking my students to put time into this?', 'how will this advance these students towards the objectives they have for this course?'. Some years ago, writing about icebreakers I commented that some might seem, at first glance to be a waste of time. 'The Answers' is a good example of this possibility. As a teacher, you may think that it's so much faster to simply introduce yourself to the class and give a bit of background information. However, I still believe that this investment of time is one of the best you can make. Showing, rather than saying, what type of class you plan to have is essential to start out right. Students are often not convinced by nice words or promises from a teacher concerning 'a class where we're all working together' or 'a class where everyone will listen to everyone not just to the teacher' or 'a class where the students take responsibility'. Doing things that show that attitude is far more convincing. When you introduce yourself to the class, you are starting to build a relationship between you and the students. The students will be interested to know who you are and what you are like. You should introduce yourself and give some background information about who you are. Students can then relate to you and it shows you are a human being after all. This is also an opportunity to establish your own credibility. Tell the class about your teaching experience and knowledge of ESL/EFL. This will give the students confidence in your teaching ability. There are many ways you can introduce yourself. Turning your introduction into a game the students can participate in is an excellent way to introduce yourself. The game is not only great for introducing yourself, but you can also gain an insight into your students' level of English. is another entertaining way to introduce yourself to the class. This game provides the students with a chance to write and respond to a variety of questions.
This activity is an entertaining and intriguing way to introduce yourself to the class.

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Begin the day by welcoming your students as they arrive at the classroom. Introduce yourself to the class and invite the students to begin an activity as soon as they are seated. Perhaps the classroom teacher has left an activity to engage students upon arrival. If not, it would be a very good idea to have one with you that is appropriate for the grade level to which you have been assigned. Engaging the students in an activity immediately reduces opportunities for misbehavior and signals to the class that you expect to have a productive day with classroom routines and procedures in place, just as they are with the regular classroom teacher. While students work on the activity, you can use this time to get a feel for the class dynamics that will serve you well throughout the day.

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Your course will be organized by weeks and all the materials for a particular week will be in that week's box. Your professor decides how much course material to make available to you within any given week. In the first week, you will see a welcome message from your instructor with his or her contact information, Online Policies and Procedures, Course Syllabus, Introduction Forum - where you introduce yourself to the class, and often a non-graded forum where you can post general comments and questions to your classmates throughout the semester. When you log onto your course, a good place to look for the latest communication or happenings is the "News Forum", click on this link and you can be updated with your course.

Please introduce yourself to the class and get to know your classmates

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PROCESS: Decide how best to introduce yourself to the class--what significant aspect of your background, personality, values or ambitions you would like to share. Then select a visual aid that represents your ideas and serves as a visual aid that focuses the attention of the audience to your topic. Using the object or visual aid as a point of departure, develop a speech about yourself, not the object.