"Evangelization and healing are intrinsically connected" Scott D

In a case that shows just how intrinsically connected every part of our body is, a woman in the US has been diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection in her knee, and doctors say her new vigorous flossing regimen was likely the cause.

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Why Are CRM and Analytics Intrinsically Connected?

A representational system is productive if there are indefinitely manydistinct representations that may be constructed in it; it issystematic if the constructability of some representations isintrinsically connected to the constructability of others.

Why Are CRM and Analytics Intrinsically Connected

Intrinsically connected is not the right phrase. They have to be the same. Jesus essentially came to "free the captives." This is his anointing that the "deaf hear, the blind see and the poor have the gospel preached to them." Cavadini is wrong to say that healing has to proceed from evangelization because he sees evangelization as the doctrinal presentation of dogma. Evangelization is to free the captives and set them free. It is not a liberalism which allows them to get the crumbs off our table but a Good News which brings them into the fullness of life. It is not that we let them sit at our table but we give them an honored place. We wash their feet. It is not as important to explain the Trinity or the dominance of the pope as it is to set the captives free. "THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME, BECAUSE HE ANOINTED ME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR. HE HAS SENT ME TO PROCLAIM RELEASE TO THE CAPTIVES, AND RECOVERY OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND, TO SET FREE THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED,The Good News is that the life of Christ is available to all and that we begin this life in this world. Not a proclamation of dogmas that we really do not understand. When we put dogma (evangelization) first we end up with marvelous (and strange) red cossacks and ancient miters which bespeak of empire so that the Vatican becomes a place where we must preserve royalty and from which we will condemn those who set the captives free. When the captives are freed God is glorified. The false glorification of God leads to Charlemagne, Bernard of Clairvoux and the exaltation of Europe over everybody else. Jesus puts the captives first in his anointing. So should we.

INTRINSICALLY CONNECTED How intrinsically attached are we with the values and ideas we espouse
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Given the key role of ecology in sustainable development, EICES is committed to educating K-12 Teachers, a critical cohort who carry forward the work of sustainable development. The wellbeing of youth and the wellbeing of our planet are intrinsically connected.

We believe achieving excellence today is intrinsically connected to pursuing

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The health sector has in the last decades increasingly addressed peace issues in an explicit manner. In 1981, the World Health Assembly gave its support to the idea that the preservation and promotion of peace is ‘the most significant factor for the attainment of health for all’ (Resolution 34.38). In the WHO’s Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) peace was mentioned as major prerequisite for health.
Physicians and other health professionals have certain skills, knowledge, and values, as well as tools and opportunities, that make them particularly well-equipped for peace work. These include skills in sensitive communication, knowledge about the health effects of different weapons, commitment to confidentiality and compassion, an international network, and access to people involved in or affected by armed conflict. It is the view of WMA that health is intrinsically connected to violence prevention and sustainable peace building.

The wellbeing of youth and the wellbeing of our planet are intrinsically connected

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An online community is more than the latest trend or buzzword – it can be your engagement hub for member benefits and activity. Learn how to establish organizational goals and engagement strategies within the framework of your community, as well as capture and analyze engagement metrics tied directly to those goals. Community and engagement are intrinsically connected, and that connection can be your members’ top meeting place for collaboration and innovation.

Thank to speakers Angelika Lipkin and Luke Zimmer, bar association staffers will learn the keys to identifying measurement metrics and learn how to tie community engagement back to the association’s strategic plan and goals in just an hour. Don’t miss out!