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Encourage students to discuss their findings of how fact coverage in news articles differs from the presentation of an informed opinion, and how presentation of a point of view in a news blog differs from a straight news article. Where do they see emotion shining through? What kind of language or vocabulary differences do they see? How much coverage of sides is there in each type? List students’ observations on the board.

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Possessing, displaying, or based on reliable information: informed sources; an informed opinion

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Informed opinions are based on factual information and are objective. A Professional is employed for an informed opinion. Information that is not evidenced can lead to inaccurate information being used; a professional's role is to ensure that information used is factual and appropriate. Use of inaccuracies lead to personal opinions which can appear misleadingly as informed opinions. It is important that people who deal with other people's data are vigilant in detecting such errors and ensure all opinions used are informed opinions made objectively and based on evidenced facts.

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Increasingly, it seems that students do not pursue higher education to learn and expand their understanding of issues, but to reinforce their preconceived world views, or with none of this even in mind, as they seek out a professional degree. They do not have a solid understanding of rhetoric, and don't necessarily understand the difference between an argument based on facts and an argument based on opinions. Some students, instructors, and administrators worry less about this, and more about making sure appropriate "trigger warnings" are in place as well as various "safe" places for students. While I understand the value of these for some situations, my fear is that sometimes this caters to the reinforcement of opinions over facts, and silence over debates and discussion that could help people achieve a better understanding and compassion for the issues that create triggers and create the need for safe spaces.

EVERY home in Britain will have access to an endless stream of worthless, ill-informed opinions by 2012, under new government proposals.
An informed opinion is based on knowledge of the facts and carefully considered principles. It relies on evidence instead of limited personal experience. 2. Distribute the Gathering Facts to Develop an Informed Opinion activity and review the steps for completion. NOTE: Depending on your students’ research skills, you may want to demonstrate how to complete Step 2 on the activity sheet to ensure that source information is noted correctly. 4. On the board or overhead, briefly outline these simple steps students can use to help them develop informed opinions on a pre-selected topic. Performance TaskInformed Opinions: How to Write and Place Commentary to Raise Profile and Attract Attention” is a day-long interactive “live” workshop designed to help you and your organization raise your profile and draw public attention to issues you care about. It provides participants with the confidence and tools they need to contribute their expertise to public discourse through written commentary. Informed Opinions covers establishing authority as an expert; the essential elements and format of newspaper and online commentaries; and how to pitch an editor.
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Informed opinions call on professional, original (whenever possible) sources that are as unbiased as possible, and are not associated with a particular faction or side. Critical thinkers change their opinion to match what they find, not the other way around.

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Those figures come from a new Canadian organization called . Founded by , longtime president of the media literacy group Media Action. Informed Opinions aims to narrow that gender gap by encouraging women to speak up and share their expertise in powerful public forums such as the op-ed pages.

An uninformed opinion is when someone pulls an answer out of their butt without really knowing what they are talking about.

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Wally: I like to have opinions. But not informed opinions. It takes so much work to get informed that it defeats the whole point of having an opinion in the first place. Dilbert: What exactly do you think is the "point" of having an opinion? Wally: The point is that it feels good. Dilbert: That's totally nuts. Wally: Oh, is it? Unless you have hard data to back up that comment, it was nothing but an uninformed opinion. That felt good. Dilbert: Gaaa!!! You're starting to make sense! Wally: Your whole life is a lie.