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By Prof. Jose Maria G. Pelayo III

Systems Plus College Foundation Social and Psychological Research

Angeles City, Philippines 2009 September 2013

is very popular especially with the youth. The researchers have identified salient themes and common ideologies of adolescents about rock music. All of them listen to rock music and somehow they use this genre of music to stimulate or release their anxiety as stated in the results.

The researchers may infer that music has effects on the individual's personality, actions, decisions, and even cognitive enhancement. This study focuses on the influence of rock music on their lives. It will only describe their sentiments and not analyze the effects of rock music.

Many studies have been done about rock music but insufficient data has been concluded on the effects of rock music. The researchers acknowledge the fact that this study is purely descriptive and does not assess, evaluate or correlate the data gathered.

Mapazu: The influence of Rock music in the classroom

Influence Muzik Rock Tanahair (The Influence of Rock Music Malaysia


Kochi had an early influence of rock music from the 1980s to mid 1990s owing to a band that established their command over the rock genre. “13 AD was the only band in Kochi that was at its peak a few decades ago. The music scene has definitely picked up in the city since,” says Yasmin Thomas, a long-time music fan.

Influence Muzik Rock Tanahair (The Influence of Rock Music Malaysia)

The Oklahoma City native grew up in Dallas and at the age of nine developed an affinity for the electric guitar, thanks in part to the influence of rock music icon MTV. Hudson received an electric guitar on his 10th birthday and started polishing his musical talent.

5. Influence of Rock Music:
In an essay of 200 words, discuss the influence of rock music on young people

growing influence of rock music

No matter how one looks upon rock music in general, one cannot deny the fact of its dominant influence on the world view and behavior of our youth. In the following chapters we will proffer factual proof of the negative influence of rock music on the feelings, behavior and the religious mood of young people.

Parents must not disregard the great influence of rock music on their children

Rock & Roll: An influence on POP CULTURE

Rock music has become a global cadence that has attracted hundreds of millions of devotees. To many young people, rock music and its more violent variation "heavy metal" has become their lifestyle, where perversion, use of narcotics, violence and nihilism (denial of all reality) is encouraged. In this pamphlet, we will say a few words about the general meaning of music in the spiritual life of a person. We will then quote the opinions of psychologists, doctors and public figures regarding the influence of modern rock music on the youth, in particular — on sexual and violent behavior. We will then expose, from a Christian standpoint, anti-Christian, occult and even satanic elements in some forms of rock music. Finally we will how parents can assist their children to recognize the serious consequences of the influence of such music.

valuable introduction for libraries with little on the influence of rock music on our society

Pop music at core of youth culture: 11/12/97 - Stanford News

On the 26th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Free Market Institute and the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University co-hosted a viewing of the film . Rockin' the Wall is the compelling story of rock and roll's part in bringing down the Berlin Wall and smashing the Iron Curtain. The story is told from the perspective of musicians who played at the time, and from survivors of the communist regimes who recalled the influence of rock music in building resistance to the stifling cultural and intellectual influence of communism.

The event also featured commentary from Prof. Larry Schweikart, who a professor of history at the University of Dayton, and producer of the film. Prior to coming to academics, Prof. Schweikart was a rock drummer for several bands, one of which reached the big-time concert level as an opening act for several popular groups. His commentary provided additional intellectual context for the role that music played in changing attitudes toward individual freedom of expression and its ultimate role as a factor influencing broader institutional change.