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However, if we expand the space of factorization to include , complex numbers i where and are integers, then we can often decompose integers even further. For instance, 5 is a prime number among the integers, but it can be factored into (2+i)(2-i) over the Gaussian integers. The indivisible numbers among the Gaussian integers are known as . 2+i and 2-i are Gaussian primes.

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A kind of order may be buried in the occurrence of indivisible numbers.

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The proof isnow conclusive: The world was created according to a universal plan.This can only be comprehended to an infinite degree of precision byinvestigating the interrelations between certain elementary numbers -those very special indivisible numbers referred to in mathematics as "

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A prime number can only be divided by one and itself – they are the indivisible numbers that make up The Code. A unique characteristic of prime numbers is that they can’t be made by multiplying other numbers together and so if any prime numbers were to be missing, some other numbers just could not exist.

A kind of order may be buried in the occurrence of indivisible numbers.
Inevitably, Mr du Sautoy begins with prime numbers, the delight of many mathematicians, which in common with the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio appear in the natural world in an astonishing variety of ways. The primes, the indivisible numbers that are the building blocks of all other numbers, crop up everywhere, from the back of David Beckham's shirt (23) to Messiaen's “Quartet for the End of Time” (17 and 29), to the life cycle of the North American cicada (17). Having a lifespan that is a prime number significantly reduces the chances of these insects being eaten by predators that also appear in the forest at regular intervals every few years. Seventeen stands out as a significant number because it is not a multiple of any other number. It has no factors. It is last of the seven prime or indivisible numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and 17). Seventeen is the sum of two perfect numbers, seven and ten. Therefore, it is a combination of spiritual perfection and ordinal perfection. An example of this perfect union in the Bible is that of Joseph who at the age of seventeen was sold into slavery by his brothers. The story of Joseph also illustrates that seventeen signifies the beginning of temptation. At seventeen, temptation began to surround Joseph in every direction, but he did not take his eyes off the God he served. Let us do likewise.Why does Sautoy love primes? Because they are the building blocks of math. The indivisible numbers from which you build everything else, the atoms of arithmetic, the periodic table. It’s easy to see why musicians and poets are math nerds when you listen to Sautoy speak – he believes a mathematician is a pattern seeker, someone looking for structure in a chaotic world, to understand the past and figure where we’re going in the future. Suddenly it feels like this conversation has turned meta-mathical: How many possibilities could a potential decision yield? Could the patterns we’ve been following all our lives suddenly veer off into a different direction?10.---There is however an extra twist to the story. Joining these scientists is another group of mathematicians who at first sight look completely unrelated to the subject of quantum chaos. These are the mathematicians chasing patterns in the prime numbers. These indivisible numbers are the atoms of arithmetic and the building blocks of all numbers. Mathematicians love to look for patterns and the primes probably offer the ultimate challenge. When you look at a list of them they look like a chaotic mess. However there may be a reason for this.
17 is also the last of the 7 prime numbers of indivisible numbers of 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and 17.

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Prime numbers are defined as numbers that are only divisible by 1 (and by themselves). The organization of prime numbers within the series of whole numbers has been a mystery to modern mathematics until the work of , a Düsseldorf chemist. In 1997 he put forth his theory of the structure of prime numbers being based on a cycle of 6, a product of the indivisible numbers 1, 2, and 3. While not the first mathematician to recognize the six-cycle of the sequence of primes, his work has extended this understanding to the role of prime numbers in all of the structures underlying the physical universe:

A kind of order may be buried in the occurrence of indivisible numbers.

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2.---PRIME NUMBERSIt remains unresolved but, if true, the Riemann Hypothesis will go to the heart of what makes so much of mathematics tick: the prime numbers. These indivisible numbers are the atoms of arithmetic. Every number can be built by multiplying prime numbers together. The primes have fascinated generations of mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike, yet their properties remain deeply mysterious. Whoever proves or disproves the Riemann Hypothesis will discover the key to many of their secrets and this is why it ranks above Fermat as the theorem for whose proof mathematicians would trade their soul with Mephistopheles.

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First off, 17 is a prime number. These indivisible numbers, infinite in number, are the atoms of mathematics. Yet understanding a pattern that makes sense of this tribe of numbers is one of the greatest unsolved problems of the discipline.