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We’re very fortunate to be living in London at the time of the Olympic Games and I feel really proud to be part of that. Although, personally, I’m not a sporty person, I do recognise the utmost importance of sports in schools and for our children, because it generates and fosters all the things we’ve talked about: the unification, the- the having to get on with each other, working in teams, team work. I mean there’s nothing like building relationships.

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“Importance of Sports in School.” (Posted January 14, 2008).

The Importance Of Sport In Schools

My experience in the U.S. taught me the importance of sports, not only as a fun way to spend time, but also as a learning experience. When I came back to Albania I realized that our education system doesn’t give sports their rightful importance. Gym class in Albania is usually underestimated and even skipped, so I decided to do a project to emphasize the importance of sports in schools. I chose to do this project at my old middle school, Rilindja School, here in Gramsh, Albania.

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Another problem in Palestine is an underestimation of the importance of sports in schools

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The Importance of Sports by Dr. Sylvia Rimm

education policy, as well as in sport policy, with the government recognizing the importance of sports in schools and taking specific action.

The importance of athletics in schools is significant