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The importance of advertisement revenue for a newspaper only serves to show how hollow is the modern claim regarding the free press. For, everyone in the Labour Movement knows that the old militant Left-wing Daily Herald, of pre-war days, seldom got any of the really important advertisements that are so readily given to the ordinary capitalist newspapers. Even the modern Daily Herald, with all its undeniable claims to be a respectable and moderate journal, cannot overcome the advertisement boycott, and languishes, in consequence, from insufficient financial support.

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Last visit of WICU representatives to the 9th Channel completed 4 December. Meeting with local businessmen was held by WICU Director and a 9th Channel Advertisement Department staff was held during the visit. During the meeting local businessmen got acquainted with the 9th Channel operation and importance of advertisement in business-activities.

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Male field crickets produce two acoustic signals for mating: advertisement calls and courtship calls. While the importance of advertisement calling in mate attraction is well understood, the function of courtship calling is less clear. Here, we tested if the courtship call of male crickets Teleogryllus commodus signals aspects of male quality by comparing the calls of inbred and outbred males. We examined the effect of one generation of full sibling mating on fine‐scale call structure, along with several life history traits. Inbreeding reduced nymph survival but had no significant effect on weight or development time. Inbreeding resulted in a small but significant change in two of the six call parameters measured. We then tested if inbreeding affects call trait combinations that are important to females by using the results of a previous selection analysis to compare the multivariate attractiveness of the calls of inbred and outbred males. There was no difference. We conclude that the courtship call of T. commodus is not a reliable signal of aspects of male quality that are affected by inbreeding (which generally reduces fitness‐enhancing traits). It might, however, signal components of male fitness that are not affected by changes in heterozygosity.

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With the growing importance of advertisement for the Web there hasbeen an increasing amount of research in this area.

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In today’s competitive world, advertisement plays a vital role to promote sales of each and every product & Services. Without advertisement, no product or Services exists in the market. Competition has its own role for the existence of a product & Services in the open market. Even the well established business houses are fully dependent on advertisement. Thus advertisement brings radical changes right from launching of a product or Services to its final marketing. Hence the importance of advertisement cannot be underestimated. Here lies the importance of I NEED Digital Ad works is one of the Best advertising agency in Vijayawada,Guntur. It helps to promote the sale of a particular product or Services in a positive healthy manner. It has its own creative mind and behind its success, a truly professional team exists.

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A valuable overview on the importance of advertisement pre-testing and how it should be used. This monograph reviews the main approaches to advertisement pre-testing used in Europe and the US and examines such issues as how people respond to advertisements and problems with diagnostic measures. The author provides guidance for users of pre-testing on how it should best be approached.

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