I wanna be a nurse when I grow up! *3*

But i THINK that I would like to be a nurse and one of my friends said that if I do wanna be a nurse I should take Health & Social Care Studies but Helath & Social take up TWO of my option blocks so I was thinking of doing: Health & Social; History; Spanish.

i wanna be a nurse but my big dream is to Sing or Act

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When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Nurse Like My Mom Baby Baby Bodysuit

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Career Day and ten year old Mike Drakos is being interviewed by a bored-looking cameraman and a too-cheerful "tv hostess" along with two other kids from his school; this is taking place in the cafeteria as part of "human interest" filler for a morning magazine show that nobody really watches.
"OK, kids, introduce yourselves and say what you plan to be when you grow up."
A pink-dressed, frizzy-haired blond girl says, "My name is Suzy an' I wanna be a nurse!" but her mother, off-screen, is making frantic waving gestures, "Uh I mean, a doctor."
This gets the requisite fake chuckle from the TV Hostess. "That's wonderful, Suzy, I'm sure you will too."
The next kid is shoved in front of the camera, "I'm Kevin and I wanna be a cartoonist so I can meet girls."
"Good luck with that one, kid," the cameraman says, forgetting that the microphone is hot . Oh well, they can take it out in the edit.
The last kid is the dark-skinned boy with curly hair, "I'm Mike and I want to be a motorcycle."
"You mean motorcyclist, of course," the TV Hostess says, not quite condescending because that would be bad for ratings, but the last thing she wanted was some kid being too cute and going off-script.
"No, I wanna be a motorcycle. My dad says I can be anything I want when I grow up cause this is America."
"CUT," the TV Hostess says. "OK, can we please get another kid here, in case the director decides to cut that one?"
He doesn't, and Mike's mother Ana makes a good sermon out of the incident.

Little girl says I wanna be a nurse

As for an accelerated RN program, you won't qualify for that unless you have a bachelors degree; it can be in any field. If you do, some schools offer that program, which is about 18 months to receive a bachelors in nursing not including the prerequisites. If you want to do an LPN-RN associates, there's plenty of community colleges in Atlanta for that. The problem is......they're MAJORLY COMPETITIVE, good grades or not. It's like 20,000 people just woke up one day and said, "Hmph, I think I wanna be a nurse!" Anyway, all you can do is try. I'm just telling you that so you come here mentally prepared for the challenge.

Im Aly Stoner and I wanna be a nurse!

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i wanna be a nurse at a place like this

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