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Oh yeah, I couldn’t stop laughing when I first heard this. It’s true that a number of Chinese people are not willing to speak English with foreigners, but more than half of them are not because of broken English, but because of shyness. Too shy. Afraid of making mistakes. I have bunch of classmates who can speak pretty good English, but they are just being too shy to say it out. I was one of them, and things got even worse when I set foot on the land of Great Britain because I couldn’t get used to British accent. After 3 months since the starting date of my program, I thought I couldn’t be like this anymore. So I took a trip to European Continent all by myself which would forced me to start talking to foreigners. And it worked, because I found in some cities, locals had worse English accent than me. It made me feel like I had found a family where our English were all sort of broken. And I did have a great time with these lovely people, though sometimes we needed to understand each other by body language. But the important thing is that this experience encouraged me to actually speak with foreigners, and as a result which I have never expected, I love English language more than before, and so far, I have a lot of foreign friends.

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I'm very interested in the traditions of the others countries and everybody's thoughts. There are still a lot of reasons why I love English language but I can't name all of them.

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I learn English because I love English language and I am really happy when I can speak English with someone.
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i love english language because its very popular language & easy.but i want to learn spanish. its not difficult for indian people.
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In the first, excuse my poor English: please, look for the substance not form. I love English language, but usually I have to speak east-Europe idioms. Moreover, please, excuse this incorrect use of a blog that should be made by quick phrases, but the problems you are dealing with are substantial in their nature and of paramount interest. In the future I will be much more synthetic.

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