Yes. I am an ambitious actor. There is a lot I want to achieve.

Yes I am an ambition person. Depends what kind of ambition we want, can be good or bad. Yes I do like people have good ambitions. I admire them because they want to be better in their lives. The most ambitious person in my family is my Mother. Always she is looking for be a better person. What is the difference between ambition and dream? I think the ambition is something we have it or want it and we try to do it more and more. And the dream is something we want it but we never try to do it. Yes ambitions can be dangerous sometimes. Because if is bad ambition we can go to jail or find the death. Like cartel people. No I don't ever have any strange or wild ambition.

Yes. I am an ambitious actor. There is a lot I want to achieve.

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I am an ambitious person. I always have a strong desire and determination to succeed on all the aspects of my life. For example, as a medical biller for Medi-Cal, I try to be prepared by being informed of new laws and regulations and new challenges that I can come across. In my opinion, I think it is good to have ambitions because it gives you the power to achieve your goals. I do like ambitious people and admire some of them. For example, my son Andrew is the most ambitious person in my family. His goal was to finish college at the age of 17 years old, and he accomplished that goal. He was taking 18 to 24 units per semester. He had to submit several appeals to the school in order to get permission to be enrolled in so many classes at one time since the school only allows to be enrolled in 12 units as a full time student. I think there is difference between ambitions and dreams. In an ambitious you are conscience, have reasoning and are aware of what you want to accomplish. In contrast with dreaming you are sleeping and involuntary generating ideas based on desires, emotions or images that you have seen. I believe that being an ambitious person is good to a certain level. For example, Andrew forces his body to the limits. He study so many hours and barely sleeps. He sits for many hours and always complains of back pain disregarding that he had scoliosis and bad lungs. One day, his left lung collapsed. He had a surgery done at the beginning of the semester. Even though he was very sick, he did not drop any of his classes and he continued not taking care of himself. Even though I love him much I rather he slow down with his ambition of taking so make classes and start taking more care of himself. I also have ambitions. I always wanted to learn how to drive a motorcycle. However, due to my shoulder disability I can’t drive by myself, but I can always be a passenger.

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Yes, I am an ambitious person. And I think it’s good to be ambitious. Yes, I do like ambitious people because usually they have dreams and they work hard for them. My husband is very ambitious person. He’s always wanted to finish his education and, I hope someday he’ll reach his dream. I think being ambitious and having a dream is the same, we will always work hard to succeed in either ones. Sometimes ambitiousness can be dangerous if it goes overboard. I‘ve never had any strange or wild ambitiouses.

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Greatly desirous; eager: “I am not ambitious of ridicule” (Edmund Burke)

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An ambitious person means, a person with purpose, I think everyone has goal in our world. I have a goal too.
We are rush to achieve success in our life. I am an ambitious person too. I admire them because they know what they want to achieve. For example, one of my sons wants to graduate high school and go to UC Davis. He is now saving money for his tuition. I greet his purpose. What is the difference between ambition and dream? Dreams are goals that are only achievable through a miracle. Ambitions can be sometimes dangerous. In the Bible dangerous ambitions are called sins and evil. For example, who began World War II? I think you know. That person fulfilled dangerous ambitions.
I wish that everyone would have a good goal.

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Ambition can be defined in so many ways. It doesn’t just have to be trying to get the six-figure salary and the corner office. I am ambitious. I want to succeed at my business and I do want to make a good living. But I also want some balance — and in time, I think my business can provide me with all of that, regardless of whether I’m single, married, divorced or widowed.

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It didn't take long before I became more ambitious. I got interested in all sorts of intellectual pursuits, including reading LW/OB and signed up for grad school in an essentially unrelated discipline. I was confident enough that I could just catch up with other students as I went. I committed to doing so publicly. My estimate wasn't way off. I got through the program and caught up to other students. But I sure didn't stand ahead of the pack like I'd hoped. Even a fairly minor failure, which is what I consider the last few years of my life to be, had a huge impact on my mood. I was depressed as I was writing my thesis and stayed so all last summer as I started planning the next phase of my life. It's just amazing, not only how much missing a big goal like this hurt, but also how much it impacted my ability to even try. Which created quite a terrible feedback loop, of course.