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To begin with, it is an undeniable fact that, companies are established to make profit and thus they play an important role in the countries’ economy. Therefore, they ought to select the employees who truly can perform the job they are given. In addition, the higher level positions of a company demands certain responsibilities. Thus, people who are sufficiently skilled, qualified and experienced should be recruited for those positions, irrespective of their gender, social status or any other factor. This in turn will bring success to the company to achieve the goal.

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Executive recruiters, sometimes called executive headhunters, are the recruiting professionals who focus on filling executive positions within companies. Depending on the knowledge and experience of the individual recruiter, an can fill professional positions like doctors or lawyers, or they may be focused on filling high level management positions. Some executive headhunters only work within certain industries, or they may work for an executive recruiting firm.

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Most high level positions in companies are filled by men, even though the workforce in many developed countries consists of 50 percent female workers. Companies should be required to allocate a certain percentage of management positions to women. Discuss, what is your opinion?

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Search firms that focus on very senior level management positions often work on what is called a retained basis or retainer. This involves a structure whereby the client company “retains” or pays a recruiter to work on a particular high level job. The executive recruiter “owns” the job requirement exclusively, so the only way for a candidate to get that position is to apply through that external search firm. Firms generally use a retained strategy with high level positions, because the candidate search process can easily surpass six months in duration. The external search firms are called upon to do the search, but then also perform a variety of value added services such as assistance with salary negotiation, market research, interview set-up, candidate consultation, legal advice, and tenure and performance modeling.First of all, the high level jobs occupied by the male diminish the balances of power between the male and female in such organizations. Since we are living in a century where we are most sincere to establish the equal power of men and female, this is very reasonable that women should actually work on such high level positions.It is common acknowledged that the leaders of companies are sole men such as Bill Gates of Microsoft cooperation or Steve Jobs of Apple one. Therefore some people suggest that companies should ensure a certain proportion of high level positions to women. However from a personal viewpoint, I do not stand the side of them because of company profit and sex equality.Now-a-days both men and women are working equally for economic development of their families. Although, in the western countries more than half of the total employees are female, very few of them occupy the higher level positions in the companies. Some might argue that, companies should recruit a certain percentage of females in these positions to promote gender equality. However, in my opinion, employees for any position should always be selected according to their skills, qualifications and experiences.
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To sum up, I am inclined to believe that, companies should not be biased by the gender issue. Rather, they should offer the high level positions based on skill, experience and qualification. Those who have the required skills will certainly achieve the positions irrespective of gender.

we are most sincere to establish the equal power of men and female, this is very reasonable that women should actually work on such high level positions.

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Because they are looking to fill high level positions, executive headhunters need to use all the recruiting industry’s best practices to stay ahead of the competition. Not only do they need to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and drive, they need to use the latest recruiting tactics to get the best candidates for executive positions. Here are some of the best practices for the executive recruiter who wants to get ahead.

If I mention that our respected Foreign and State ministers are women, holding a most high level positions in government jobs

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Although the perception of people in a great number of countries does not support women’s enrolment in masters or doctorate qualifications or other training, especially in Eastern countries, if women want society to respect them, they must demonstrate their abilities to persuade the employers that they are more deserving to have high level positions.