What can I do to help my community?

Some impactful things that come to mind over the course of my pharmacy career include saving a Humana member $80 per month by recommending that her primary care provider change her Tricor to generic fenofibrate capsules of similar dosage, and helping my community through a natural disaster.

What can I do to help my community

What are some good ways to help out my community

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Margarita Shanks comes to FHC having earned her degrees right here in Washington. She got her Bachelor of Clinical Health Services and degree in Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Washington School of Medicine-MEDEX Northwest. Margarita completed family practice rotations at SeaMar, with clerkships at Harborview, Overlake, Skagit valley hospitals, as well as 3 years Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteering work for Evergreen Hospice in Kirkland. She is also bi-lingual in English and Spanish. "I believe in the core values of FHC and their commitment to provide excellent care to our underserved population. I am passionate about helping my community to achieve wellness, so they can enjoy a healthier, longer life with their family and better serve their communities."

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Blue Bradley earned her RN degree through the Omak Wenatchee Valley College nursing program. Then she went on to get her Master’s degree in Nurse-Midwifery from the Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing. Before completing these degrees, Blue gained valuable knowledge working as a professional Birth Doula and Midwife's Assistant at homebirths for three years. Blue's outdoor interests are varied including: biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, running & swimming. “The Methow Valley is my home and I value helping my community and friends have positive memorable births and achieve optimal health.”

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Helping women achieve. Helping my community. Helping those in need. These have always been my life’s goals. Goals I share with my favorite organization – the National Association of Professional Women! It’s all about – Yes, We Can – inspiring our NAPW Sisterhood.Helping my community is an important part of who I am. I have been fundraising and soliciting to area businesses to help funding. I raised $3,000 to begin my project. I have purchased school supplies and winter clothing for needy children in the elementary building as well as three in the high school building. I feel I made an impact.
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Hi there! My name is Liat Yael Kastner and I am a senior, studying Environmental Studies and Political Science. I was a PHA last year and I loved it! It was great helping my community and building bonds with my coworkers. I have worked for the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability for the City of Portland and the NJ branch of the League of Conservation Voters. I grew up in NJ but I feel really at home in the Pacific Northwest. Ever since I was little, I loved the outdoors, and I try to take advantage of the beautiful hiking trails around here as much as possible! In my free time, I enjoy running, doing yoga, knitting, cooking, and reading. My favorite authors are Vladimir Nabokov and Jonathan Safran Foer. And, admittedly, my favorite TV show is Seinfeld. I believe that we can all contribute to the wellbeing of this community, and we each have a unique set of strengths to help out one another. I am excited to get to know more people, and help my peers feel safe, welcome, and happy!

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This was an interesting time, because it took me awhile to convince my friends to even do this but they did eventually. Catherine and Alena were my two friends that came over to help. We first grabbed a bag and began to walk up my street looking for garbage then we walked around my neighborhood for about an hour. The bag was only half full, I figured it was winter out and we either didn’t see all the garbage or people just don’t litter a lot around my house. It was fun time because we were just having fun while picking up trash. People that drove by gave us weird looks, it didn’t bother me though because I felt good about myself. I felt like I was going the extra mile and helping my community.

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Pros and cons. However, even though I was finally placed at a site where I feel that I actually belong and will benefit from, there are a few tradeoffs. According to our textbook, tradeoffs are things that you do not want but must accept in order to have something that you want. Unlike ESL, which is an on-campus site, LSA is a fifteen-minute drive to downtown Mobile. Additionally, there are a couple blocks of walking as well. Another tradeoff for me is that I am helping my community. This may sound strange, but it is a law office after all. It is a law office that provides civil legal help at that. From bankruptcy claims to domestic violence, there are no fun cases. I have lived in Mobile for almost ten years. Witnessing these claims in my own community can be disheartening at times and literally hit home for me. And although the clients may sometimes be familiar, I have to maintain confidentiality as expected of me by the staff attorneys, while never judging a person. This can be a real challenge to my character. Even though I am not easily tempted to judge another, I still worry for them. I want to be able to help everyone with a problem. It is extremely difficult for me to know that someone is having a hard time and there is only so much that I can do to help.