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Nora Helmer Torvald’s wife. She is a bit of a spendthrift, a fault to which her husband frequently calls attention. She accepts his criticism on this and other matters and generally submits to his will on day-to-day decision-making until he shocks her with an angry outburst revealing that he is not the man she thought she married. She then makes an important decision of her own.

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Inderdaad niet! Niet om de hete brei heen dansen. Ik ben er zelfs trots op: Helmer Torvald, personage uit Henrik Ibsens bekende bladiebla, moraalridder, pijler van de samenleving en – tromgeroffel tromgeroffel – net benoemd tot chef van de plaatselijke bank. En dat allemaal 134 jaar geleden en ook nu nog razend actueel! Toch? Bank bank bank!

Nora, nei confronti del marito, Helmer Torvald

With A DOLL'S HOUSE Ibsen has paved the way for woman's emancipation. Nora awakens from her doll's role to the realization of the injustice done her by her father and her husband, Helmer Torvald.

In “A Doll's House” by Henrik Ibsen, Helmer Torvald does not treat his wife Nora as his qual. Virginia Woolf in “A Room ...
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It revolves around the life of Nora who was married to Helmer Torvald who she describes as a male chauvinist bully husband. This paper gives a critical .

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