-- Blake Kibbons (), January 08, 2002.Hamlet was mad, yo! Fuh-real.

-- catherine england (), October 05, 2001.

I don't believe Hamlet is mad! It is purely a disguise of insanity, so he can be "let off the hook" when he kills Claudius in the act of revenge for his murdered father. The reaosn i believe this is mainly due to the vital scene with Ophelia. When Polonius and Claudius are trying to find out whether Hamlet is mad due to unrequited love, reguarding Ophelia. Hamlet initially in the scene acts sane, though when his quick mind uncovers that he is being watched his character changes dramatically and turns into the Hamlet who is "acting" mad. For surely someone who was mad couldn't change there character like that?

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King she says that

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-- catherine england (), December 20, 2002.

Hamlei is MAD just because He HAS TO BE MAD , in order to find the truth , in Hamlet's case ,MAD undrestands BETTER than sanes . and it reveals the sickness of the situation and enviornment in which MADNESS is the Key of achieving the truth , that's why we see his madness through soliloquies BC there are thesources that Hamlet tells the truth or at least the truth that he thinks . Misagh

Is Hamlet mad? Is Hamlet indecisive? What does Hamlet want?

-- Patrick Walker (), January 13, 2003.

i am soo bloody sick of my a level coursework on a crap pla which frankly should have been burned, once written. Who cares if hamlet was mad or not and wy in gods name makes us stuady this crap! i cant quite definately say i hate this play!!! if some of u cud use quotes in ure answers it wud help me trying to steal ure answers to assist- lets face it shit essay! thanx HAMLET HIMSELF

So is Hamlet mad? I think if you consider all the evidence, the only conclusion
to prove that Hamlet was mad in order to cast a shadow on any accusations of

Was Hamlet truly mad or was it a facade

But the point is, are you saying Hamlet is mad because of all these things, or not? Because rage is not madness either, and everyone makes mistakes, maybe even destroys things, when he's lost his temper. Hamlet just happens to destroy a life, because he happens to have a sword. But his mistake is thinking it is Claudius instead of Polonius, not doing the killing itself.

My tutor raised an interesting question during a recent lesson. 'Was Hamlet actually mad?'

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-- Bryan Towers (), August 18, 2003.

Hey Catherine England!!! You seem to know your 'Hamlet' quite well. I have to do an oral presenatation in front of the class in a week argueing whether 'Hamlet was mad or not'. Quite obviously i think he is NOT mad. But could you please write me an oral that goes for five minutes on the fact that 'Hamlet was not mad' using heaps of textual evidence!!! I would appreciate it alot!!!! THANKS!!!

But then the ghost went ahead and told the tale anyway andit drove Hamlet mad. OPHELIA

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Hamlet’s madness is an enigma to critics as wells as to the readers. We cannot decide precisely as to whether Hamlet’s madness is real or feigned. There are many situations in the play, which suggest that Hamlet madness is feigned. Bradley says in this regard, "Hamlet is not mad, he is fully responsible for his actions. But he suffers from melancholia a pathological state which may develop into lunacy. His melancholy accounts for his nervous excitability, his longing for death, his irresolution and delay.” Let’s play the devil's advocate: