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The first change of the narrator’s character is when he finds the body of whom we later find out to be Al in the lake. Prior to this happening he and his friends were joking around and being the average adolescents of the time but they made the wrong mistake of flashing lights at the wrong person and ended up getting into a fight with a “very bad greasy character” who actually is bad and then they try to rape a girl. When the narrator tries to swim through the lake to get away from the new attackers that pull up he runs into the dead body, which then starts to trigger a change in the narration and strays away from the ideal of being bad. The only thing he wants to do at this point is get away from Greasy Lake and more importantly that dead body.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "greasy lake"

a word by word adaptation of the critically acclaimed short story: Greasy Lake

Writer discussed: T.C. Boyle’s “Greasy Lake”

“Greasy Lake" is a well-written short story that traces the eventsleading up to the young men’s revelatory moment. An article written byMichael Walker, found in Studies in Short Fiction, supports thisproposal, “‘Greasy Lake’ is an excellent example of a story thatincludes many conventions of the revelatory tale" (248). This coming ofage story can easily be applied to similar stories of young men allover the world as a well-remembered turning point on the road tomaturity. For the characters of this story, one mistake followsanother, revealing potential and actual consequences leading up totheir revelatory moment.

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In every young man’s life a pointexists where he moves from the fantasy of invincibility to therealization of mortality. For some, it is a gradual move with nodefined moment of enlightenment, but rather a series of progressivesteps. For others, there is an epiphany, surrounded by a tragic or neartragic event that provokes a transformation. Either way, the inevitabletransformation exists. The short story “Greasy Lake" by ThomasCoraghessan Boyle reveals a moment of enlightened transformation inthree young men as they go through a series of mistakes, consequences,and reaffirmation.

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Coraghessan Boyle's Greasy Lake

FOR the assorted politicians, teen-age toughs, baseball players, whale lovers, blues singers and ordinary suburbanites who speak to us in T. Coraghessan Boyle's brilliant new collection, ''Greasy Lake,'' life in contemporary America is pretty much a roller coaster ride, filled with peaks of exhilaration and excitement but also fraught with hidden dangers and potential embarrassments. One moment they're clutching a bottle of stolen bourbon, up higher than they ever thought possible. From up there the vista is enormous, gorgeous; the adrenalin is pumping; escape velocity from all that weighs them down is nearly achieved. But just a second later the inevitable descent has begun, and something has gone terribly wrong, the seat belt has disengaged, they're hurtling to a crash landing amid laughter, sawdust, plastic cups, stale generic beer.

GREASY LAKE & Other Stories. By T. Coraghessan Boyle. 229 pp. New York: Viking. $16.95.

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I hated Greasy Lake, the narrator was unrepentant, it was only his fear of retribution, of being blamed for Al's death that took him away from the lake. The best part of this story was the 'bad boys' getting a much-deserved ass whooping.

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Greasy Lake and Other Stories - T.C. Boyle

“Greasy Lake" is more than just a story of one night in the life ofthree teenagers rather, it is a story of revelation. The narratorsubmerges into the dirty water of Greasy Lake in retreat and emergeswith a cleansed sense of maturity and understanding. The series ofmistakes and near consequences of the night’s events are nowpermanently etched into the subconscious of the three young men andwill forever influence their future actions and behavior. Boyle’s taleof transformation has a mesmerizing effect on readers who can recountand relate to that defined moment of enlightenment that shaped theirlives and brought them to their current state of maturity.