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1. Discuss expectations with your partner. Discuss realistic expectations, and how to meet them as best as you can. The definition of a good housewife depends on which house you live in. It is also very culture-dependent (see below). Do not presume that you have the same expectations because you may find out the hard way (through arguments) that you don’t. Sit down and talk it over. What are the things he is hoping you will keep up with in the home? What are his responsibilities in the home? If you are primarily responsible for keeping the house clean, he may take responsibility for cleaning up after himself: putting his dirty laundry in the hamper, placing things where they belong after he has finished using them, emptying the trash near his desk, putting his dishes in the dishwasher, etc. If you are also caring for young children during the day, you may be surprised by how difficult it is to also keep up with household tasks. Your husband may need to help significantly with the cooking and cleaning, if possible.

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8) Kula dharma Patni : good housewife (a married woman who is not employed outside the home)

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I couldn't be a housewife. As much as I say I want it, I just don't like to clean LOL. I can cook and do laundry but sweeping, mopping and chasing after the kids 24/7? You can miss me with that!
That being said, I actually have NO problem with this list. It's common sense stuff that you should have in every relationship. As long as it's a personal choice the woman makes and a mutual discussion and conclusion are had, go ahead and God bless. I respect housewives so much. My mum was one and in a lot of ways still is (she has a store but family comes first ALWAYS) and she basically runs my dads company, my company, our personal lives and the household. It's too much, she loves it but I could not deal with it. I would crack under the combined weight of all our problems. Watching her has made me realize that housewifing is not a life of ease even when married to a fairly wealthy man. It takes an extremely strong and smart woman to be a good wife and an even better woman to be a good housewife.
My was this intended for sarcasm? a commenter mentioned that it sounds like it's fromt eh 50's. it is. my professor showed us a 50's magazine ad and this is verbatim what they ad suggested as how to be a good housewife. and as my professor read each "tip" the class couldn't help but laugh and scoff. yall can't be serious with this one. .02

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I agree with you. Somehow with the feminist movement we women have lost our way. I agree with the rules on how to be a good housewife, and it something I am striving for.

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