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Teiresias continues to warn Oedipus the King that all he believes to have and own actually is not his. This prophet adds that people will soon reject Oedipus and take away everything he believes is his. After Oedipus is told this, he blasphemes against all the other gods and tells Teiresias who is blind prophet that he doesn’t have any gift of divination. This is seen as a blasphemy since Teiresias is believed to be a messenger between the gods as well as the humans. Thus when Oedipus the king calls Teiresias a lair, he is seen as abnegating the words and message from the gods. This is followed by more provocations when the blind prophet tells Oedipus the king that he doesn’t know exactly where he lives and who the parents really is. Teiresias further adumbrates that Oedipus the king is both a father as well as sib to all his own children. After this, Teiresias finally tells Oedipus the king that he was the real murderer. This is how the role of fate in Oedipus the King is portrayed in this play.

Fate In Oedipus The King English Literature Essay

Fate In Oedipus The King English Literature Essay.

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The Greek catastrophe famously referred to as Oedipus, was written by Sophocles and we see the main antagonist has fate. The role of fate in Oedipus the King is evident within the plot of the play. All the characters involved in this story by Oedipus the king have meet fate despite attempts to run away from it. There are two main characters in displayed in the plot of the play that bring out the consequences of fate after getting a stringent punishment for attempting run away from fate. Fate is first seen when Oedipus the king sends Creon. He is sent to a temple known as Apollo where he is told to investigate underlying destine of Thebes. Creon is also instructed by Oedipus to try and establish how to get rid of all plague that Thebes and his people are undergoing. People go pray for what they desire to Apollo who is believed to be a god of the people. Apollo prophesies as well as heals, and the characters in this play went to him to ask for blessings. In this play, it is vital to understand that Apollo prophesied that Laius as well as Jocasta would have a lovely son. This son would later kill his father. In addition, Apollo prophesies to Oedipus that thus son would murder Laius, and sleep with Jocasta.

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Fate in Oedipus the King

The Power of Fate in the Oedipus Trilogy

Sophoclean hero cannot escape from the tragic fate in Oedipus the King, but the. Three Kingdoms hero makes his choice in spite of cosmic foreordination.

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