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This provides a generation of children and adolescents already struggling with excessive use of computer applications and the internet an opportunity to go viral. Computer games that were traditionally limited to the home computer are now accessible to young people around the clock. Could we see a generation of “more functional” (harder to detect and diagnose) gamers that don’t follow the agoraphobic house bound stereotypical adolescent with IA? Surely if this is occurring the diagnostic indicators would need to focus on under developed social skills as they may be “going out” but not actually engaging in social relationships.

Definition: Eyestrain due to excessive use of computer. Causes:

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Computer games represent the first digital media technology which is applied for socialization of a generation in a large scale and often most of the teenagers in other countries are using these games. But on the other hand, excessiveness in playing these games has caused some concerns about the possible side-effects they have on the players. Major concerns about these games are due to two main factors; first, the amount of time children spend and second, the nature of these games, particularly, when children spend their time playing to compensate for ignoring other educational-social activities and leisure time. They are potentially harmful, because computer games may be replaced by other activities such as homework, free reading or exercising. It has been observed that children addicted to computer games tend to play more and avoid social relationships. Recent studies indicated the significant statistics about the excessive use and addiction to games. However, the figures are various; for example, in the United State, one out of 10 is addicted to computer games. They may also be used as means to satisfy psychological needs of players who play games in an excessive way. As Wan and Chiou mentioned in their study, these needs are mentioned as need for fun, entertainment and recreation, overcoming psychological mechanisms, running away from reality, mutual social interactions, need for arousal and competition and need for feeling powerful expressions, like those who seek computer games in order to satisfy their social interaction because they would experience anxiety and distress facing the real world’s social situations. The players may practically prefer all the social interactions and relations occurring in the virtual environment to the real world, and they provide the need for stabilizing the social situation and sense of belonging through interaction with other playmates in the game. Moreover, recent studies showed that excessive use of computer games (more than 20 hours a week) would lead to negative impact on health, negative moods, depressive syndrome and weak social interactions.

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If Yes, the signs might include disobeying parental rules about game use, fantasizing about game characters on a mission, losing interest in sports or hobbies, becoming isolated, school grades decline, and not being truthful about playing time. What if my child/teen needs help dealing with excessive use of computer/video games?

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results of our study indicate that the miRNA miR-371 could be a suitable biomarker for follow-up surveillance with a sensitivity of at least 85% and a very high specificity. With application of this newer the excessive use of computer tomography could bed for some patients a chemotherapy treatment could be avoided.

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Also, some researchers have issued warnings about the risk of repetitive strain injuries from use of computers at workstations not well designed for children, and possible harmful effects on children's vision from staring too long at a computer screen.24 Most of the evidence concerning these physical risks is inferred from studies of adult use of computers in the workplace. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) within the U.S. Department of Labor has reported that each year, 230,000 workers suffer injury from overexertion or repetitive motion, such as that caused by excessive computer use.25 Citing the potential risks from, among other things, "using a keyboard again and again," in November 1999, OSHA proposed new ergonomics requirements to reduce injuries among workers caused by excessive computer use. Excessive use of computers by children could put them at risk for similar injuries. More child-focused studies are needed to determine how much computer use is too much for children of different ages and how to intersperse breaks and provide ergonomic supports to minimize risk.

life and to help prevent the excessive use of computer as an extracurricular.

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Counsellor Graeme encourages Sinead to talk about how Tom's excessive use of the computer and fears around pornography, are affecting her, their relationship and the family dynamic.

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