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And there you have an example of a speech introduction broken down three ways. I am not a big fan of humor in speeches. If you use it not expecting to get a laugh and you do, more power to you.

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Other examples of speech introduction may be when you tell your audience to take out a piece of paper and prepare to write down a list of the most important topics you will give in the speech. This will raise their anticipation level, knowing to expect something valuable to be told to them. Or, you can start off your speech by telling a spellbinding story. That will really captivate your audience in a hurry and hold their attention. This is especially true if you are an enthusiastic speaker.

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When ever you see an example of a speech introduction that works, study it. Practice your own speech introductions. Test and study them. Study which work and why. Learn why some fail. Make it your goal to master speech introductions.

Review an example of a speech introduction dealing with a sensitive topic. Look at different ways to introduce a speech.
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Have you noticed that some things in life seem to escape common every day discussion. If you will notice on your hand out we will be discussing the un-mentionable H problem today.If you know the signs and symptoms of the H problem, then you will possibly be able to save a life. This is because some life threatening conditions could be confused as being (slight pause) just the H problem. Understanding of this sensitive subject and the signs and symptoms can mean the difference between knowing if you need to see a doctor and if you need to visit the emergency room.It will help you to know if it is a life threatening or a life style threatening condition. If it is the latter, we will discuss the options available.

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Introduction speech: how to introduce a guest speaker well. A template with an example speech.

Firstly greetings, Secondly, introduction about self