Other examples of juxtapositions:

Juxtaposition is not just limited to film; there are numerous instances of juxtaposition in other forms of storytelling/media, especially in writing and literature. In writing and literature, juxtaposition is used to place contrasting ideas/images next to each other to create the same effect as juxtaposition to create contrast. An example of the juxtaposition of words/literature: "the quiet whispers of lovers and the loud sounds of the crowds". Or juxtaposition can simply be the different arrangements of contrasting objects.

Can you give me an example of juxtaposition?

does anyone know any examples of juxtaposition in the book

Examples of Juxtaposition in Literature:

Other example of juxtaposition would be John Milton's "Paradise Lost" where it's accentuated the relation between good and evil, God and Satan.

Some examples of juxtaposition are:

Would "A man who makes trouble for others is also making trouble for himself" be an example of juxtaposition? If not, what literary device would it be?

"Should we weep when clowns put on their show", is an example of juxtaposition.
One of the most effective ways to express ideas photographically is to compare and contrast subjects by juxtaposing them. Other galleries in my cyberbook also offer examples of photographic juxtaposition, including those on incongruity, street photography, landscapes, opposites and contradictions, layered imagery, and the addition and subtraction of context. Juxtaposition can play a crucial role in creating expression in each of these areas – so crucial that it deserves a gallery all of its own.One of the primary tropes, or figures of speech, in literature is an oxymoron, which combines contradictory terms, such as 'cruel kindness' or 'burning ice.' While not every example of juxtaposition is an oxymoron, it is common for it to be. For instance, we might encounter a villain in a story who likes to crochet or who sends cookies to his grandmother every Saturday in the post.
Can you give me examples of juxtaposition in books and list the books you found them in?

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To see a reoccurring example of juxtaposition just open any newspaper. Headlines and images are designed to compliment each other but sometimes editors add in other non-related images from other stories to a spread which confuse the overall message of the page.

"Love" and "hate" are opposites, and allow the sentence to be an example of juxtaposition.

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It’s a delight to apprehend such text, passing words beneath one’s eyes, thinking about what it all might mean and sound like. Looking back now, I wonder if I should have flipped this open and read at random when I encountered it originally. Instead of plodding through, I might have thought for days about a line such as “tractor the Real.” But, as it happens, I can still do that. Although I have everything, I had nowhere to put it. I have to delve in again for specific examples of juxtapositions that Bruce Andrews fashions. The book is no doubt worth reading, scanning, or hashing into – however you want to have it all.

This is a great example of a juxtaposition because it two words that usually do not coincide. Also it contrasts.

Example of Juxtaposition in Literature

Juxtaposition in business is a way to get creative thinking moving along a thought sequence that causes us to question long held beliefs about how our businesses work. Here are some examples of juxtapositions in business: