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The provision of psychosocial support is a fundamental tenet of end-of-life care, and family members were unequivocal in the value that they placed on it. However, the data reinforce suggestions that symptom management can predominate for people with dementia in certain care settings. Whereas other end-of-life research has described relationships of emotional closeness between staff and residents in long-term care, it was widely acknowledged that it could be difficult to empathise with people in the advanced stages of dementia. This is likely to inhibit the provision of palliative care, or indeed person-centred care, aimed at addressing physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs. Yet the data also provided examples of holistic care, characterised by an emphasis on ‘getting to know the person’, which staff achieved through routine assessments and spending time with the individual and their family. This philosophy appeared embedded in NHS continuing care units, but was largely absent from general hospitals. This may reflect the time constraints within which hospital staff work, but also differential understanding and skills in communicating with people with dementia. Finally, staff commented that forming a close relationship with people with dementia in the final stages of their lives could be deeply distressing. Clearly, care professionals require support in managing the anxieties that can arise; it is no more acceptable to overlook the needs of staff working with people with advanced dementia than it is to deprive people with dementia of appropriate palliative care.

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Some of the most widely known techniques of Holistic health care would be Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Holistic Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and Reflexology. Words many of us have heard, but still, might not completely understand. Of course, there are many more available, but these are good examples of Holistic health care practices. Here's a basic rundown of what these treatments entail.

Chiropractic Care
If the spine misaligns nerves become pinched and are unable to provide blood and nourishment to vital organs. If untreated, major organ failure can result. Many other medical conditions can also be treated. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, drug-free way to realign your spine and much more than back pain can be relieved

Found to relieve arthritis. Also successful in curing, migraines, obesity and insomnia. Known to be a good preventative treatment for additions, such as alcohol, nicotine and drugs. Most patients need a few sessions to notice any significant change in their condition. It is painless and where chronic illness is concerned, it can be cheaper and more effective than conventional treatments.

Massage Therapy
This works by stimulating endomorphism production in the body. This calms the person down, stimulating the immune system and therefore the bodies ability to heal. Various techniques can be used, and it can be beneficial to just about everyone.

inspiring examples of holistic care and love for patients

The issues related to human sexuality are too often misunderstood, ignored, or avoided in far too many churches. The Idea Camp will facilitate a safe and transparent environment of learning, sharing of insights from the respective fields of focus, and practical insights and examples of holistic care. As a faith-based conference, there will be an on-going focus on the importance of living as God’s loving expressions of grace and hope to the world through tangible acts of care in this area.

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goal is not only to raise the academic and clinical level of our partners; but, more importantly, we are to set good examples of holistic care for patients and staff.

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inspiring examples of holistic care and love for patients. I am glad that I took the first step in my journey with cleft without even seeing the whole staircase.

The word holistic is related to the word whole

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