An example of epiphany is when Allah appears to the prophet Muhammad.

In 1992 St. Agnes was severely damaged by fire. Now a unique opportunity presented itself to Msgr. Clark. For it was the first chance in over 20 years to erect a new Catholic church on the island of Manhattan. We can only be grateful that at that time the universal assumption was still to rebuild the church – in the 1990’s the decay of the Archdiocese was not as advanced as today. Nowadays the site would simply be sold to developers. The option to rebuild on the original plans was rejected – if it was ever seriously considered. Nor would the 1966 example of Epiphany parish be followed; no modernist monstrosity would arise on the ashes of a destroyed predecessor. Rather, this parish would demonstrate to the city and the Archdiocese the reconciliation of Council and Tradition. In line with developments in liturgy, art and ecclesiastical rhetoric, a monument to the “Reform of the Reform” would be erected. St. Agnes would prove that the ”modern church” could successfully employ the language of traditional – and specifically classical – art and architecture. The new structure was finished in 1998.

Can someone please give me an example of an Epiphany?


Example of an epiphany in your life?

An epiphany is a sudden manifestation or an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking. Epiphany experiences are universal which everyone experiences. When someone has an epiphany experience it changes their life and the way they think. An example of an epiphany experience would be when a child finds out there is no Santa Claus. When finding out there is no Santa Claus changes the way a child looks at the world. A child then figure out that there is no Easter bunny or tooth fairy. They realize that they are only fictional characters. On September 11th 2001, I experienced an epiphany moment.

RE: Can someone please give me an example of an Epiphany

I have to write a personal essay (composition) about an epiphany I've had in my life. But, being 16, I'm not really sure if I've had any. So it would be a big help if people could give me some examples of their epiphanies so I would have something to reference to while writing mine....

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is full of references to the gods. They livedon a mountain and were responsible for absolutely everything,including the trivial that occurred in people's lives. The gods werevery similar to the people in that they had human faults, and theyfrequently intermingled with the humans. Epiphany was common. Anexample of epiphany was Athena befreinding Telemachus. The gods wereable to aid humans in succeeding or failing. The gods of reflected the horizontal plane of the oral culture. Since both the gods and the people lived in the same plane, theyreally were not much different. For instance, Poseidon could not seeOdysseus reaching home when Poseidon wasn't on Mt. Olympus. Thatimplied that the gods actually had to be physically higher than thehumans to see what was going on. The oral culture believed in acertain similarity between the gods and the people and, so, althoughthe gods were more powerful, both groups could mix. This was evidentwhen Odysseus was frequently "admired by the gods."

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An example of epiphany is found in W Somerset Maugham's short story

What event in Bernice bobs her hair is an example of epiphany