What are some examples of consumerism?

I am interested to hear from readers that have their own examples of consumer innovation to share. I am considering a website dedicated to the topic and designed to collect, promote, diffuse and study consumer innovations big and small.

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Could they be priced lower? I’m sure they could but Apple are in a very dominant position and I’m pretty sure they could even double them and people would still by them. It’s the perfect example of consumerism really and how highly valued their brand is.

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In the last few years, Black Friday has gained steam and has become a shining example of consumerism. Some shoppers will even camp out overnight in front of stores to get a good deal.

Laws and rules that protect people who shop and spend are examples of consumerism.
Although consumerism can take many forms, depending on an individual or family's income, it generally refers to very high levels of excessive consumption, well beyond any reasonable needs or even wants. The American wealthy tend to exemplify modern consumerism. Individuals who choose to own more cars than they can drive in a week, celebrities who do not duplicate outfits and CEOs who take private helicopters to travel across town to work are all examples of consumerism at its most extreme. An example of American Consumerism 1920s the purchase of automobiles. In the Roaring Twenties over 60% of Americans bought their automobiles on credit. Debt was not a worry - people believed that America, and the Stock Market, were invincible...Some examples of XML consumers and producers are: a stylesheet processor is aconsumer of the XML text that it is processing (the producer isn'tmentioned); in the Web services context the roles of producer andconsumer alternate as messages are passed back and forth. Note that most Web service specifications provide definitions ofinputs and outputs. By our definitions, a Web servicethat updates its output schema is considered a new producer. A Web servicethat updates its input schema is a new consumer. Kempfer explains that, “For as far back as I can remember, Black Friday has always been best represented as a day of indulgence, one that requires consumers to resort to their primal urges, and engage in a guerrilla warfare for material possessions. It is likely the sickest example of consumerism known to modern society, or, perhaps the best, depending on your perspective.”The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the largest shopping mall in North America and one of the largest in the world…it was the largest in the world until 2004. There are over 800 stores and services in the mall and it attracts anywhere between 60 and 150,000 shoppers per day. People come from all over Canada, the United States and the rest of the world to shop there. It is quite possibly the best example of consumerism and the consumer society one can find in North America. An Islamist who wanted to make a statement against consumerism and the consumer society or the wicked, profligate, un-Islamic ways of the West or some such thing might easily think that going into the mall and shooting and killing non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels was a great way to do it, slaughtering non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels being permissible, legitimate and obligatory according to Islam. An Islamist might easily do more than think about it…he or she might go ahead and do it. That’s not far-fetched or out of the question at all.However, there is another interesting article written by Elia Zureik, professor of Sociology, at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, stating that consumers have potential power in politics and growing popularity of internet and e-commerce can lead to consumers to controlling, or at least taking part, in making political decisions (Zureik, and Mowshowitz par. 1). In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby’s money and status derive from his illegal business of bootlegging. Also, it is clear from the people he associates with, especially Wolfsheim, that they too also are powerful due to their illegal business that made them money. Consumerism has a direct correlation with people’s actions and social behavior. Although it might sound unrealistic, there are many examples of this in our society. The most obvious example of consumerism’s influence of politics and countries economics is that consumers almost control the price range of certain products and the economic situation of the country. If people buy certain products, all of the companies that work in the same industry try to make similar items to attract consumers; if the product is unsuccessful, its price will eventually decrease, until people buy it, letting consumers control the market. Not only do the consumers control the market, but also they control economic booms and depressions of the country. In United States history, this situation occurred after the Second World War: during the war, people did not buy any appliances or leisure items and just saved money, and, after the war, they decided to make their lives easier, and buy the appliances, which resulted in people having more time to spend on their leisure activities. The term throwaway economy originated during the Second World War, which describes how Americans are accustomed to using copious amounts of resources, just like Gatsby. Gatsby throws away his money in order to impress the people surrounding him with hopes of luring Daisy back into his romantic life. That was the time when one of the greatest economic growths of the United States history occurred. In The Great Gatsby, similar situation occurred - the action is placed right after the First World War, which was followed by another era of rapid economic growth.
An obsession with shopping and acquiring stuff is an example of consumerism

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Most of our society is an example of consumerism at its best. This is especially true when it comes to electronics, because the minute you buy a product, the technology is already out-of-date. You know there’s a newer, faster computer processor coming down the pike, or a bigger TV with a sharper, crisper display.

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In summary, MacDonald attacks the religious consumerism that he observes running rampant in the American church as indicative of the consumerism in the American culture, which caters to a “feel-good” mentality in order to appease church-goers. He cites as an example of consumerism the practice of mega-churches opening their doors to corporate sponsors. Anyone seen Starbucks coffee available in church lobbies?

A big example of consumerism in the novel is the nickname given to Katniss's district

Most of our society is an example of consumerism at its best

Secondary consumers, however, have a menu of primary consumers to choose from for their diets, depending on their habitats. Although there are a few, rare carnivorous plants out there, for simplicity's sake, I'm going to generalize secondary consumers as primarily animals. Examples of secondary consumers fall into one of two categories: carnivores or omnivores.