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* First, teachers must be competent. They must stay current not only in their chosen profession, the profession of teaching, but also in the subject matter they teach. If the competent teacher can be described as an "expert learner," then the students he or she teaches can be thought of as Junior learners." By staying active in an array of professional, legal, ethical, political and policy activities related to the subject being taught, students learn to be professionals in the broadest meaning of the term. Professionals are people who continue their involvement with the subject matter after the formal coursework ends. Competent teachers encourage active learning, because active projects beyond lecturing instill a passion in students to continue to be involved beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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I'marguing that the role of the responding teacher and the setting of the act ofresponse combine to represent the teacher-responder in a way that may havecomplicated and powerful effects on students, as well as on others. Threedecades ago Stewart (1975) made this point in a provocative essay contendingthat teachers should present themselves as aesthetically distanced, as peopleof "sensibility" who can remove themselves from the accidental qualities of astudent's work and attend to the rhetorical essences of it, and to do this ithelps to read papers in the right setting. (One ideal setting, Stewart writesbitterly, would be a home "in which you could work undisturbed by the pressingneeds of families which suffer because you are underpaid," p. 241). Stewart'simage of the teacher as a person of "sensibility" has a quaint ring to it, butthe need for undisturbed space is contemporary enough. He gives us just thefirst of several role/site representations with which teachers who work withstudent writing have often identified themselves. With each, I invent a characteristicscenario, though not an unrealistic one.

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As a teacher candidate in the Faculty of Education program at Althouse I, in less than seven months, will consider myself a professional teacher. ... There are many certified teachers in my family, and it is discomforts me that before my decision to become a teacher I never considered them as Professionals. ... All of the nerves and doubts about becoming a teacher disappeared. ... These were all examples given and reinforced by my associate teacher. ... I will stay professional throughout the remainder of the school year and continue to educate myself to be a better professional teach...

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