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3. Students may request major credit for courses taught at the 300/3000 level or above by non-UVa faculty on the same basis as any study abroad courses. That is, students must, before the end of the fall or spring semester prior to the semester at sea, receive pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (on an International Studies Office green study abroad form). Post-approval will be granted at the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, upon the viewing of the course syllabus and a minimum of 15 pages of formal literary criticism (response papers, journals, reviews, essays on exams, etc. do not count).

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Hinkley, a history major, excelled at writing, whether historical analysis or essays on exams.

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Studying abroad at the University of Nottingham was the most amazing five months that I spent in UK. I was an international student, studying 2nd year of Bachelor of Business Management. As required by BEL faculty, I needed to take 6 courses at University of Nottingham to obtain full semester 8 credits at UQ. Studying at University of Nottingham is quite similar to UQ, you can easily find all the learning resources such as lecture slides and access to discussion boards online, which are very helpful for students to study the courses that they have enrolled in. Furthermore, I was studying business courses at Uni of Nottingham, therefore, I lived and studied in Jubilee Campus, which is an advanced campus built only for business. On Jubilee campus, there are 2 main libraries, which provide great comfortable studying environment for students, and also hold enormous business related books could be easily borrowed. At Uni of Nottingham, study is pretty much self-motivated since there is no weekly tutorial to assist students. However, for most of the courses, they held two tutorials throughout the semester, one is to provide information regarding to the preparation for essay writing, the other one is to offer exam techniques. The exam format for management courses are exactly the same, it requires students to write 2 or 3 essays on exams based on each topic of the course. Some of the exam of my courses that I did in Nottingham were worth 100% of the total marks, this means that it has very huge risk of failure if I revise the specific topics were not on the exam paper. Conversely, if students made the right guess on the topics that will be examined, therefore the student will easily score the high marks without studying many other topics within the course. This is the major issue that I have noticed. At UQ, it always diversify the risk by assessing students via using vary range of assessment tools. Fortunately, I have passed every course at Uni of Nottingham, and the pass grade is reasonably low as 40% of the total mark.

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All majors in the Division emphasize the critical-thinking process and the clear communication of the outcome of that process. All courses within the Division have a writing component designed to teach students how to successfully use existing research and literature to support their thoughts and positions. Students will complete writing assignments appropriate to the course level. Each 200-level course will require students to write descriptively about topics. There will be short, regular writing assignments, essays on exams and a short research paper. Literature reviews in 300-level courses will emphasize analysis and building an argument with regular writing assignments, essay exams and a research paper. All 400-level courses will continue this emphasis on writing while requiring students to take and defend positions on controversial issues in the social sciences using the primary literature. All assignments will emphasize the communication of material through the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style.

Students are also expected to be effective oral communicators. Many courses include assignments that require students to present material orally using PowerPoint and/or other presentation media.

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position papers, critical analyses of existing scientific works, and essays on exams

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Not sure what professors are looking for on an undergraduate in-class essay exam? This workshop will answer your questions and prepare you for writing college–level essays on exams. We'll talk about studying for exams, starting your essays effectively, managing your time during the exams, planning your answers, and writing well–developed and coherent essays.

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2. For final approval (after you have taken the courses), you need to bring course syllabi and any written work you have done for the courses. A minimum of 15 pages of formal literary criticism (response papers, journals, reviews, essays on exams, etc. do not count) is required for each course. In considering whether to grant credit toward the English major for courses taken elsewhere, the Director of Undergraduate Studies will take into account both the content of the course (how closely it corresponds to an equivalent course given at UVa.), and the level of difficulty -- whether the course is taught at the major level.

There will be short, regular writing assignments, essays on exams and a short research paper

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Reading assignments are meant to reinforce, compliment, and provide fodder for the class lectures, images, and discussions and in no way replace them; however, some essays on exams will be drawn directly from the reading. As a rule, there will be no make-up exams except in extenuating and pre-arranged circumstances. A penalty of 5 points per day, cumulative to 25 points per academic week, applies to all late assignments. Permission is not required to be late so no excuses are necessary, but all late assignments are subject to the penalty regardless of the reason they are late. However, posters must be turned in the day of the final.