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I hope that nothing in my essay on tolerance suggests that I repudiate every sort of tolerance.

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I hope that nothing in my essay on tolerance suggests that I repudiate every sort of tolerance. That seems to me such idiocy that I cannot understand how such an interpretation has come into being. What I mean and said [in RT] was that there are movements, which manifest themselves in propaganda as well as action, of which it can be predicted with great certainty that they will lead to an increase in repression and destruction. These movements should not be tolerated within the framework of democracy. Here is a classic example: I believe that if, in the Weimer Republic, the Nazi movement had not been tolerated once it had revealed its character, which was quite early, if it had not enjoyed the blessings of that democracy, then we probably would not have experienced the horrors of the Second World War and some other horrors as well.
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The South African squad produced an inspiring and emotional performance based on the principle of equality in both sport and life, and the voice of the late and much-loved South African statesman, Nelson Mandela, added an extra poignancy to their programme. Many spectators and officials were seen brushing tears from their eyes as an essay on tolerance and reconciliation was played out, and although the relatively inexperienced squad had to settle for ninth place, on a mark of 6.901 at the end of the day, they left a deep impression on all who saw them perform.


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On the question of the right of resistance: the quotation marks in the essay on tolerance were only supposed to indicate that it was an old term of political theory.

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Undergraduate students of Philosophy at some time in their careers probably will write an essay on Tolerance. Most likely they will deal with the problem of establishing a criterion which will distinguish those actions of Individuals which the State (or other Individuals) ought to tolerate from those which it (or they) may legitimately prohibit and punish. Almost certainly the student will take as the object of discussion the criterion proposed by J. S. Mill in On Liberty that: