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Because in this case, that really is a brilliant way to describe how the original book (and your original essay on the book) haunts the current television version (and your new essay on the television version). The contrast also allows us a better view of the subtleties of how the Seventh Doctor worked. The Virgin era frequently cast McCoy's Doctor in epic terms, how much he was a monster or otherwise alien from the humans he befriended, but many of the stories, and the Seventh Doctor's own conscience, brought him back into camaraderie with humanity. That historical contrast also helps us see how truly monstrous the Tenth Doctor can be. Especially in his last conversation with Joan, the Seventh Doctor is aware of his failings and admits them, apologizing for them. The Tenth Doctor is convinced that he's the same person as Smith, when the whole story has already demonstrated that he isn't.

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television version (and your new essay on the television version)

An excellent New York Times essay on the television cookery of Julia Child, and the depressing contrast with today’s America, where more people watch cooking on television than do it. Brilliant writing as always from Pollan.

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In an essay on the television show Pee-wee's Playhouse (1986А1991), Alexander
You concentrated your essay on the television, which is one of the oldest forms of media

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In Molly Oringer's essay on the television series Dig, the question of Jewish nationalism resolves itself in archaeological excavation.

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Jonah Goldberg's October 2010 essay on the television series Sons of Anarchy has held up pretty well, and so has T

People spend a lot of time watching it