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Mother Teresa is one of the most admired women in the world. She dedicated every day of her adult life to caring for and loving the dying, the unwanted and the unloved. Her spirit of giving inspired many people. There were those who gave up their lives as she had to follow her and others who helped in different ways, for example, giving her the Kali Temple to be used as a home for the dying. The effect Mother Teresa had on the people she came in contact with and the world is one of the most intriguing things about her. But what was it about Mother Teresa that made people stop and listen? How did such a tiny women touch the hearts and lives of so many people?

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There are many points to add in my role model essay mother teresa..A role model is additionally somebody who has motivating activities or expressions. I feel that a part display needs frankly, kind-hearted, lower, and minding. Mother Teresa has a considerable lot of these qualities that makes her my enthusiasm. To start with, Mother Teresa was extremely kind-hearted in light of the fact that she was continually considering individuals in need. Mother Teresa was extremely yearning since she never rested until the greater part of her patients were support on the grounds that she saw the substance of Jesus in every last one of them ..

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