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ENGU 103 Writing and Rhetoric
In this course on the theory and practice of writing effective essays, students master a variety of essay modes by completing a wide range of assignments. Students also learn to compose essays on a computer. 3 credits.

Essay Modes Different kinds of essays…

Essay Modes: Different kinds of essays

Frequent short papers in a variety of essay modes are assigned,

Revising for an oral examination will require you to do much the same sort of preparation as for objective, short answer, and essay modes of examination.

correlate with these essay modes and topics

However, we would like to suggest that you enter English 5A/5B or English 10 even if you have passed the AP exams. Our experience with students shows that AP classes are frequently not equivalent to the freshman writing experience. Because our program emphasizes writing as a process of rhetorically situated decision-making, we feel the kind of information and experience you will have in our first-year writing program will supplement much of what you have learned in your high school class. High school and college are different: different students, different work- load, and frequently different writing tasks generate a more complex context for student work. Our programs' focus on genre-based writing, analysis of the rhetorical situation as a guide to writing processes, and interdisciplinary literacy strategies helps students adjust to a wider range of literacy tasks, moving you beyond literary analysis and the study of essay modes.

variety of essay modes including: interpretive, expository, reflective, and persuasive
Variety of Essay modes: Description, Narration, Comparison/Contrast, Illustration, Process

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restricted to their experiences of multiple-choice examinations and essay modes of evaluation

Writing Modes: The Four Purposes of Writing - WriteAtHome

essay modes such as product and movie reviews, and political and newspaper essays

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