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3. ART: Write an essay about art. Explain why it is important. Write about how it affects our lives. Read your essay to your classmates in the next lesson. Did you all have similar ideas?

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Write an A+ essay about ART in 4 STEPS!

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In an informal essay about art it is acceptable to include your own feelings and behavior as you looked at the painting. You can include information like how long you studied the painting, whether you compared it to other paintings in the gallery, whether or not you made a sketch of the work, how the painting made you feel, etc. If the painting makes you feel sad, then explain what evokes that feeling. Is it the colors the artist used? Is it the figure's pose, or the facial expression, etc.?

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I always wanted to go to Manual, even in elementary school. I had an older brother that I idolized and he went there, so I wanted to go there too. I got together a portfolio of my art, wrote an essay about art, got teacher recommendations and sent them to Manual! I even had to go to Manual and have a drawing session. I sat in front of a still life for an hour and a half and drew it.

Yup. That rare thing, an essay about art and literature that heightens our awareness of what matters.
In an essay about art criticism today, writer Diedrich Diederichsen describes a dream world of high art, where

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La Pared Que Habla: A Photo Essay about Art and Graffiti at the Border Fence in Nogales, Sonora

The photo is a little mini-essay about art and experience.