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I first met Bill Clinton on the campaign trail more than 40 years ago. When he later ran for president, I supported his candidacy not out of nostalgia or even friendship but because I knew he had a strong grasp of the challenges America faced at the time, and the impact those challenges had on working-class families we both grew up in. President Clinton is one of the best educated and most erudite people I’ve ever met, but when it came to policy decisions, it was the moms and dads sitting around the kitchen table trying to pay their bills that mattered most to him. I think that’s why the only time in the last 35 years that wages for middle-class and poor Americans rose consistently was when Bill Clinton was president—and that fact alone makes me proud of my service in the Clinton administration.

Erudite people - crossword puzzle clue

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Erudite People Erudite People Divergent

Yet I also know that plenty of educated and erudite people—even educated and erudite women—do not see this at first blush. They puzzle over it and circle around it; suggesting uncle, grandfather, stepfather—answers that really make little sense.

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• "One of my pet peeves is a word that I seldom hear pronounced correctly: erudite. It is usually pronounced with an extra syllable as in 'er ee you dite.' The 'ee' comes from nowhere. Of course, it is supposed to be pronounced 'er you dite' or 'er oo dite.' I have heard otherwise erudite people butcher this one."

By the way, I have known a few truly erudite people in my life, and I am an ignoramus compared with them.
"He was an unusually impressive figure and one of the most erudite people I've ever encountered, and he had a command of ancient languages and ancient texts that was phenomenal," David Kennedy, the Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, said. A thorough and organized teacher
The world will literally be opening up for one of Tam's students, Andres Echevarriarza '98. The international studies major who has taken several courses with Tam says, "Professor Tam is one of the most erudite people I've ever met. He's a very thorough and organized teacher who wants to be sure that everyone is on top of things." In February, Echevarriarza will travel to Taiwan, where he will teach English for a semester at Taiwan's Normal University in Ping Tung, through an exchange program between Trinity and the university. He plans to pursue a career either in international business or with the United Nations.

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So over time, the nature of writing changed dramatically. Three centuries ago, writing was a rather specialized skill -- at least, the kind of writing that's still preserved today -- carried out by generally erudite people, most of whom studied rhetoric in some form or other. It was generally done slowly, at leisure, and with a great deal of reflection.

A surprising number of erudite people mispronounce “erudite,” which has three syllables, not four

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A medieval astronomer, mathematician, physician and professorat universities in Nurnberg, Vienna and Prague. He was also thevice-chancellor of the Charles University in Prague, after Jan Hus. Heavoided religious disputes and preferred science. He belonged to themost erudite people of his time. In 1982, an asteroid (3847) was namedŠindel after him in commemoration of him.

The meaning is: here you will find erudite people talking about books.

Erudite person - crossword puzzle clue

Corvinno Technology Transfer Center was born when a group of erudite people decided to create an organization that completely focuses on the exploitation of the gathered knowledge and experience. These people have demonstrated their aptitude and efficiency in leading organizations from the public and the private sector.

The common feature of Corvinno team is possessing a unique combination of innovation, management and technical expertise and above all sharing the same professional and ethical values.

The founders are proud to accept the heritage of the Technology Transfer Center within the organisation of Corvinus University of Budapest since 1998.

In accordance with the innovation life cycle, Corvinno is proud of:

1. leading prestigious innovation projects in the field of ICT,
2. offering consultancy and solutions to its clients,
3. disseminating its results through conferences, publications and trainings.

Main services:
- Official CISA, CISM trainings
- IT Consultancy
- Research and Development