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What you will find is that the most enjoyable jobs are the ones that have the greatest competition. 'Alternatively they don't pay well 'cos people will do them for free e.g. wife and mother.

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Most new graduates hope to get an enjoyable job in the field that they want to work in. They want a boss who understands and supports them; they want to get good at consultations and surgery, and to complete their PDP. And they want to be paid and appreciated for their hard work. Becky Bradshaw offers some tips for achieving this

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I personally found it a very varied and enjoyable job to start in. When you are fresh out of university, it's not really possible to enter the job market as a management scientist. You can use your brains and think about things logically, but you can't really carry out a job. This position taught me how to work in a team, seeing as you are placed in a flow team where you are responsible, together with four or five other people, for the condition of a specific production line. I also learned to stand up for myself. The production environment is mainly a male-dominated environment where you still have to prove yourself as a young female.

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Something as simple as that could be the difference between an enjoyable job and a miserable one

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We are always looking for that "special someone" to be a part of our pack. Applicants must be sincere dog lovers, who can deal with hard work, are highly dependable and don't mind getting dirty. Our Playgroup Leaders work directly with the dogs, supervising play groups. Staff are actively engaged with the dogs, working on obedience commands, managing group energy level, and monitoring all dog activities. Other duties may include feeding meals, washing dishes, some dog bathing, general cleaning and maintenance. This is an enjoyable job with dogs but staff are not just here to "play with dogs". We ACTIVELY monitor play and continuously practice commands with the dogs. Be ready for lots of barking, poop, dog hair and a lot of physical work. Also be ready to have fun, make friends and enjoy coming to work.

Happy Planet is hands down the most convenient and enjoyable job search system I've ever used

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A summer at CMS can be the most rewarding, enjoyable job you will ever have. All staff members must apply, interview, and submit to a background check annually. Our staff is enthusiastic, motivated, hard working and dedicated to the well being of children. We have a devoted group of staff who return summer after summer because of what this camp means to them. Camp Mont Shenandoah boasts a high rate of returning program staff, almost all of whom are former campers or junior counselors. Counselors are selected based on their maturity, stability, dependability, leadership skills, ability to relate to girls of all ages, sense of humor as well as their knowledge and demonstrated skills in the activity for which they are hired to teach. The camper-to-staff ratio is five to one, assuring each girl ample individual attention.

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Finding out what to do with your life is process and doesn’t just mean applying for jobs that look interesting. Also, how can you start applying if you don’t really know what would be a suitable and also enjoyable job for you?