What is Your EFL / ESL English Teaching Philosophy?

My English teaching philosophy centers around the idea of trying to allow my students to create their own, personal relationship with the language. I start most of my classes by having an informal discussion on what the students have been doing outside of school (E.g. What did you do this weekend? What will you do after school today? Etc.), before then proceeding on to the day’s lesson. The reason I do this exercise is to allow the students to use English as it pertains to their daily life, thus making the language come alive around them. I am also able to learn more about my individual students and develop a closer relationship with them through these exercises.

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At EF English First, we aim to provide the best English language training program available and teachers are at the heart of our learning system. EF has over 100 schools in over 60 cities throughout China, and is a household name in the middle kingdom. EF is looking for native English speakers with teaching experience to help China speak with the world. Our English teaching philosophy focuses on practice, confidence building and practical application of the language. While teaching English with EF, you will continue to develop as a teaching professional while experiencing life in this great nation.

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English teaching philosophy example. A philosophy of teaching includes a teacher’s conception of teaching and learning and an explanation of how the teacher teaches.

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Student participation is a vital part of my teaching philosophy