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“The current law does not reflect the times,” Scott said. “The courts need to look at these cases differently, because the role of electricity in our lives has changed.”

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How important is electricity in our lives? Try doing without it for justone day and you’ll see.

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The electricity system is in a transition phase towards a more dynamic energy model in which the role of the new factors, in which you can become a protagonist, will be of critical importance; factors such as flexible generation, energy storage or the mass introduction of electric vehicles. Simultaneously, we are living a process of progressive electrification of society, due to the increasing weight of electricity in our lives, which is explained by the introduction of electricity in other energy uses such as in transportation. In this context, your participation as a key player in the electricity system can be paramount.

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Karacalli, S. & Korur, F. (2014). The effects of project-based learning on students’ academic achievement, attitude, and retention of knowledge: The subject of “electricity in our lives.” School Science and Mathematics, 114(5), 224-235.

Because we keep in mind the importance and necessity of electricity in our lives, we can better understand your needs.
Karaçalli, S. and Korur, F. (2014), The Effects of Project‐Based Learning on Students' Academic Achievement, Attitude, and Retention of Knowledge: The Subject of “Electricity in Our Lives”. School Science and Mathematics, 114: 224–235. doi: 10.1111/ssm.12071The Bakken, Minneapolis’ museum of Electricity in Life, is devoted to educating the public about the role of electricity in our lives. Their exhibits cover every aspect of electricity from our own brain function to the inner workings or our televisions. Since its founding in the 1970s the mission has been to “inspire a passion for science and its potential for social good by helping people explore the history and nature of electricity and magnetism.” Through their most recent project the Bakken seeks to convey new and innovative means of generating electricity to demonstrate for its visitors the value of sustainable, renewable and alternative energy sources.We enjoy having electricity in our lives today, but there was a time when the only light available was a faint glow from a kerosene lantern. A wood stove provided heat, as well as a means to cook food. And, well, the only bathroom was called an outhouse, which was located outside.Visitors can learn while having fun through hands-on experience, such as an experiment on superconductivity that can be utilized in weather radars, and an experiment on static electricity, a very familiar electricity in our lives. We are also newly offering visitors to experience the science of light by using various lights, and a hands-on exhibit to learn about the principles of accelerators.
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Electricity affects your life every second. It is hard to imagine how to escape the effects of electricity in our lives. Just think about how life changes instantly during a power outage. This is especially noticeable at night or during the winter. Exploring how electricity relates to your everyday environment forms the content of this unit.

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Delivery trucks, toll booths, electronic roadwork signs, airports, train stations, traffic lights and ferries all need electricity in order to operate. Without electricity in our lives we would be doing a lot more walking.

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2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Charles Kettering’s Delco-Light Plant. In sharing information to foster a better understanding of this great American story, we hope to encourage support for a National Centennial Celebration to honor Charles Kettering, Delco-Light, the welcome impact on farm life at the time, and the relevance of Kettering’s vision today in shaping and enhancing the future of electricity in our lives.