Article: The Health Effects of Modern Technology

So I arrived at the lecture hall with bated breath ready to hear the evidence for her shocking suggestions of the powerful effects of modern technology.

Article: The Health Effects of Modern Technology

The harmful effects of modern technology are

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Modern communication technology is emerging rapidly, with tremendous social implications. The key innovations introduced by this technology include the increased pervasiveness and the rich nature of digitally transmitted information, and a new type of network structure over which it is disseminated. The articles in this special issue present theoretical and empirical research on the relationship between communication technology and political conflict and violence. There are different pathways through which this can happen: technology can facilitate collective action, but at the same time give governments the opportunity to censor content and gather intelligence about dissidents. Also, audience effects can be introduced by the rich and instant transmission of information from conflict regions. The contributions to this special issue can be divided into three groups. A first group of articles looks at the effects of ‘old’ communication technologies with state-of-the-art methods, which is necessary to see if the effects of modern technology really differ. A second category of articles focuses on ‘new’ communication technologies, and try to assess their effect on conflict both theoretically and empirically. The third and last category reverses this question, and looks at the reflection of war and violence in (traditional and new) media channels.

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Plastics are desirable products of human innovation, yet they also have undesirable effects. For example, plastics that are thrown away become part of the solid wastes that end up in sanitary landfills. Such landfills often occupy large areas and many communities have difficulty finding enough space for new landfills. Today, many solid wastes, including plastic, glass, paper, and aluminum, are being recycled rather than thrown away. Efforts such as these help reduce the effects of modern technology on the environment.

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In geography it is interesting to cover the future aspects of GPS in
transportation systems as well as the modern techniques in land
measurements, even the continental drift can be monitored over a few
years. Cartographic work could be a hands on experience for the students,
as the students can easily use a GPS unit on field trips.

Possible fields of interest:
* The effects of modern technology on carrier systems (Logistics)
* Continental drift and global data collection and analysis
* practical experience with land measurement

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