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The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), a joint committee of the American Medical Association and the AAMC, is the major accrediting body for U.S. medical schools. The LCME's action following the accreditation visit to Baylor College of Medicine in February 1991 was a further stimulus to change. At the recommendation of the LCME, Baylor adopted an Educational Goals Statement later that year:

The educational goals statement will describe how your B.S

In addition, the applicant must submit an Educational Goals Statement

Resume and/or Autobiography/Educational Goals Statement

This statement should be the result of research. Sources can include your advisor, faculty at ISU who specialize in your areas of interest, ISU career services, professionals outside of ISU, family members, high school career counselors, and other students. You are encouraged to have these people help write, review, and edit your statement. While these people can help, this statement should be statement.The educational goals statement will describe how your B.S. degree in Meteorology will help you work toward your career goals. The educational objectives should address each of the educational objectives published by the Meteorology faculty in the ISU catalog of courses and listed in the portfolio template. This statement will serve as a guide for you and your advisor while selecting elective and substitution courses. This statement should also be short and concise. While it can mention specific courses, it is recommended that it describe general areas of study. Many students focus on the technical aspect of their education. This statement should also describe the other areas of your education as outlined in the meteorology educational objectives.

Professional and Educational Goals Statement

Finally, additional emphasis must be placed on patient–physician communication and professionalism throughout the four years. As the 1993 outcomes statement was revised in 2000, so should the Educational Goals Statement of 1991 be reevaluated to reflect patients' and families' desire for doctors who will enter into trusting, respectful relationships with them. Goals and objectives for each of the curriculum segments should reflect not only knowledge of scientifically based medicine and medical skills but also a heightened understanding of patients' familial, cultural, and spiritual circumstances. To achieve the desired professional behaviors, we need to focus on inclusion of literature in the humanities, on listening to patients' stories, on reflecting on what patients are really saying, and on identifying effective role models who can provide students with feedback regarding their professional behavior. Some of these issues were raised earlier in the decade, but they have recently been given a higher priority. The erosion of clinical skills and the lack of role models discussed by Kenneth Ludmerer (1999) are effects of the current cost-containment environment on teachers' ability to provide the quality educational experience their students need.

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