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5. How will you use your bully pulpit to talk about education and its importance today in reaching the American Dream? The desire to take the federal government out of the education equation can lead some to assume that education really isn't very important. This would be a terrible message to send to students and parents – and Republicans need to be especially careful not to fall into that trap. Even candidates who support a more limited federal role in education can use their stature to tout the importance of education, set a vision for student achievement, encourage and incentivize high-quality education reform efforts, level the playing field for poor students, and make the critical connection between educational attainment and economic success. The president's priorities tend to become the nation's priorities. Today's candidates should make clear that education will be a priority.

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Research interests include professional preparation and development of both elementary and secondary teachers; collaborative problem solving and its role in the teaching and learning of science; and the nature of science education and its importance for both teachers and students.

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The purpose of this paper is to identify the key elements of a High Performance Work System (HPWS) and explore the possibility of implementation in an online institution of higher learning. With the projected rapid growth of the demand for online education and its importance in post-secondary education, providing high quality curriculum, excellent instructors, quality customer service with user-friendly technology, and competitive prices distinguishes one online institution from another. The implementation of High Performance Work Systems (HPWSs) should be considered by online institutions as research results reveal positive outcomes in areas such as revenue, innovation, quality, productivity, and customer service. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries can implement HPWSs if there is a compelling need to change and organizational support for implementation.

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I recently shared my thoughts on the global Education and its importance at the World Economic Forum in Davos. I wish to share it with you all as well, since the essence of what I am stating below is relevant to all knowledge societies.

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At the World Summit on Physical Education (Berlin, November 1999),the delegates from the different countries presented the results of researchcarried out all over the world, regarding the advantages of Physical Educationand its importance in the development of healthy, active children. Advantagesof Physical Education and Sport:

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