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I would like to thank you all for your overwhelming presence, a truly landmark event in the history of Port. Although today’s ceremony is not an infrastructure or business related gathering, but it is not less than that—a gesture of good-will towards social development and support of people living in Gwadar…….in our vision this part of our community—young boys & girls, man & women, mature & immature, skilled and unskilled, educated and uneducated people of Gwadar—are the core of future developments that are soon to take place in this Port City.

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Why would both educated and uneducated people believe that earthquakes are the wrath of God?

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There are many reasons for this increased migration, starting with the bombing attacks. But the economy is also a huge problem. Educated and uneducated people alike can’t find any work to support themselves in my country. About ninety percent of young people are jobless and rich people don’t invest their money in Afghanistan because the government doesn’t protect them.

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The belief of educated and uneducated people differs in everynation; for the former strive to conceive abstract ideas and to define generalprinciples, whilst the latter do not beyond the apprehension of the senses, andare content with derived rules, without caring for details, especially inquestions of religion and law, regarding which opinions and interests aredivided.

The difference between educated and uneducated people is exactly that.
Education is very important. Actually it is the most important thing for our lives in my opinion. So it is clear that not everyone can receive the education they need and this leads us to divide people into two groups: educated and uneducated people. Both two types of people have their advantages and disadvantages for themselves. We can evaluate them in terms of economical power, social status and mentality.Radio show promotion, interviews, and information.
We generously distribute our radio show station lists to young artists who are trying to get their music heard by the general population. Those same stations host many of our professionals, presenters and leaders to educate their own audience on the most inspirational information available today.

Authors, musicians, psychics, doctors, professors, and leaders of all kinds gather to Gemjin to help YOU succeed and understand success in your very own life! Success and happiness do not have to elude you. Educated and uneducated people alike suffer many of the same maladies that afflict a person's ability to experience true joy and self loving. Nurture yourself and others to the greatest abundance of life. Participate! We all appreciate that education is extremely important and crucial to our lives but it is also clear that not everyone can receive the level of education they have a right to. This leads us to divide people into two groups, educated and uneducated people. Both of these types of people have their advantages and disadvantages which can be evaluated in terms of economic power, social status and mentality.In Ottoman Egypt, it is possible to distinguish two main approaches towards disease among both educated and uneducated people. The first defines disease in Galenic terms, while the other stresses the religious and supernatural causation of disease. These pluralist interpretations of disease are reflected in the writings of intellectuals, physicians and historians. When the Ottoman traveller Evliyā Çelebi visited Egypt, he used the Galenic theory of humoral pathology to explain common diseases, but still considered some, such as elephantiasis, as a punishment from God. Elephantiasis, he commented, attacked the descendants of the Yazidis (supporters of Caliph Yazīd in his struggle against the prophet’s grandson al-Hussayn), who kicked al-Hussayn in the head, and thus their legs became swollen. The sixteenth-century Egyptian historian al-Isaqī considered sodomy a disease that God sent to humiliate despots.
Most probably, Germany is receiving a mix of both, very well educated and uneducated people

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As we see there are some aspects according to which educated and uneducated people can be compared and contrasted. I do not want to put any blame on uneducated people blind-foldedly before figuring out their reasons but this is the case in some parts in the world. All these discussions remind us the importance of this one and only thing: education.

I carried out series of interviews with; rich, poor, educated and uneducated people

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When we talk about educated and uneducated people, we tend to link it together with money and business in the first place. It is true that educated people have a lot more opportunities in business word than uneducated people. Because they primarily have a certificate verifying their state of being educated and this is what counts most of the time. Consequently, as they have more opportunities to have a good job, they have a better income. In contrast, uneducated people do not have much chance of having a good and well-paid job unless they are very lucky. They usually have to work in simple temporary jobs or have to do very heavy muscle work in a construction or field. So unlike educated people, they can not have enough income to make ends meet for their families.

Educated and uneducated people alike can't find any work to support themselves in my country

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When we talk about educated and uneducated people, the first thing that comes up for discussion is level of income. There is no doubt that educated people are presented with a lot more opportunities than uneducated people. Their certificates