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Many aspects of college admissions consulting have been moving online since I first applied to college in the early 2000’s and have since changed dramatically. I witnessed this when I applied to business school almost a decade later after revisiting this industry as a potential customer. In 2000, college admissions consulting groups were typically run by experienced professionals, who charged applicants fees to edit college essays, review applications, and give one-on-one personal advice. As the college admissions consulting industry evolved, the number of consultants and the price for services have increased over time as competition and demand for consulting services steadily increased. This was very obvious to me when I saw that essay editing services, which typically cost around $30 a few years ago have increased to the $90-$100 range when I applied to business school. I decided to do some research to see how the market has changed over time and also to explore whether or not there is a business opportunity to come into this space at a lower price point.

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